How Apple Maps’s electric car systems work

How Apple Maps’s electric car systems work

software Map from Apple recently incorporated the ability to plan electric car trips, a feature found on compatible iPhone and Apple CarPlay platforms.

This is a feature that on the one hand focuses on car charging and on the other hand focuses on the route you want to travel, evaluating changes in height and other factors. The result is an estimate of the times, distances and, obviously, forecasts of the necessary facilities for charging the car (when required).

Apple Maps EV routes are available

Those who have followed the story will probably remember that Apple for some time, at WWDC 2020 to be right, had announced the arrival of this app for Apple Maps and Apple CarPlay. But until recently, despite the publication of a support page from Ford, nothing was heard.

So far it is unique to the Mustang Mach-E 2022 (and of some models of 2021 and special software versions), which requires an updated iPhone up to iOS 15.4 to work. However, Apple’s support page suggests that several electric vehicles will soon support this Apple Mapping feature.

How electric transport plans work

Although the Apple Maps electric vehicle planning component is appropriate because it takes into account the vehicle’s charging rate, route elevation and other important parameters in estimates of times and re-charging stationsit goes without saying that you need a matching car to connect.

For cars that do not require proprietary apps, everything can be configured via Apple CarPlay and iPhone paired by accessing Maps and following the on-screen instructions after tapping “Connect” (above schedule list). Coupling cars that however require the manufacturer’s software need to be connected to the manufacturer first in order to operate (here for more details)

Once the installation is complete, all that is left is to continue using the iPhone or Apple CarPlay to get the right instructions and to be guided by Apple Maps even for long electronic trips. And if for some reason the freedom of your car is less than expected before you arrive at the planned facility, the software provides a real-time alternative which allows you to access a matching payment center near you.

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