HotWheels joins Toyota in a special “small” project.

HotWheels joins Toyota in a special “small” project.

With the help of Toyota, HotWheels has presented a small prototype that was developed by the Toyota Research Institute. Do you remember? It’s that Supra that can float freely…

Early last year, TRI (Toyota Research Institute) engineers surprised us with a sports car Toyota Supra with many modifications needed to compete in the Formula Drift championship. However, this was not the main goal of this model.

The main goal of this project is to learn how to control the car, when the majority of drivers can no longer do so, thus avoiding more accidents and other situations. That’s it, this Toyota Supra, will be able to do full drifts, with incredible drifts and perfectly controlled, but without the driver doing anything. Yes, nothing at all. The Supra makes a great move towards autonomous driving, being a remarkable feat of engineering and a powerful force.

And now, HotWheels joins this project, with the launch of the same miniature Supra, which also serves to highlight the work of TRI, although it is also an enthusiastic example, worthy of any collection.

But beware, the small car seen in the video does not move by itself. Yes great…

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