Hope for the rebirth of the Argentine jaguar

Hope for the rebirth of the Argentine jaguar

For Jatobazinho, a five-year-old boy, it is a new beginning. The jaguar has returned to its natural habitat, in the Ibera National Park in northeastern Argentina. And the least we can say is that he has come a long way!

More than four years ago, the animal was found near a school in a small village in the Pantanal of Brazil. Dehydrated, weakened, tired, after struggling in the currents of the Parguay River, he ended up landing in the middle of the inhabited area. In this area where cats are often treated as vermin to be killed, their fate can be tragic. But perhaps born under a lucky star, Jatobazinho was adopted by the Rewilding Argentina foundation, which is working effectively to bring the species to the country.

On site, thanks to the care provided by his hosts, he quickly recovered. He was then transferred to a dog rehabilitation center in Iberá Park, where he met a woman with whom he married, and fathered four children. Mother and children were released in September 2021, Jatobazinho has just joined them.

According to experts, if a male jaguar has enough prey and a female by his side, the possibility of staying permanently in the area is very high.

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