Honda previews 2024-ready Prologue electric SUV model, part of plan to accelerate EV sales to 2030

Honda previews 2024-ready Prologue electric SUV model, part of plan to accelerate EV sales to 2030

  • The styling comes from Honda’s design studio and is reminiscent of the Honda e
  • The Prologue will be followed, in 2026, by the first models based on e: Honda’s new architecture.
  • Honda is working closely with its dealer network to prepare for the future of EVs and digital sales

MARKHAM, ON, May 18, 2022 /CNW/ – Honda has released the first renderings of the all-new Prelude, an all-electric SUV that will be launched in 2024. Honda’s first model designed primarily using virtual reality imaging technology, the Prelude model evokes an SUV. ready for adventures, capable of daily and weekend driving, and has a strong resemblance to the front end. Hondawhich was well received.

The exterior styling of the Prelude represents the clean, simple and timeless values ​​of Honda’s global design direction, supported by a long wheelbase, short height and a confident stance enhanced by tire efficiency. The Prelude was created in Honda’s design studio, Los Angelesin collaboration with the design team from Honda, Japan.

“The Prologue is Honda’s first electric car in Canada and is the result of the North American strategic plan announced two years ago which includes working with GM to produce EVs more efficiently,” he said. This Steve, Vice President of Honda Canada. “The Prologue represents our electrification transition, with more EVs designed and built by Honda in North America starting in 2026. Our Canadian dealers are eager to see it arrive in their showrooms.”

To achieve its overall goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, Honda will launch 30 new EVs globally by 2030, for a total of two million units. In North America, Honda has set an ambitious three-phase EV launch schedule leading up to 2030:

  • 2024: Start of sales of the GM-developed Prologue.
  • 2026: Start of production and sales of Honda models based on Honda’s new e:Design.
  • 2027: Start of production and sales of a new series of affordable EVs based on a new architecture developed jointly with GM.

From these three phases, the Honda brand plans to sell approximately 500,000 EVs in North America by 2030.

Additionally, Honda is working closely with its dealers to help them prepare to serve customers in the new era of sales and service for battery electric vehicles. This includes:

  • A redesign of dealership facilities that offer more common and diverse spaces, reflecting changes in the way customers shop and purchase vehicles, as well as reduced inventory sales will need to support upcoming site sales.
  • The number and type of EV charging station dealers will need to be installed, based on projected EV sales volumes up to 2030.
  • Guides to the types of special tools and equipment that dealers will need to obtain for servicing and repairing Honda electric vehicles.

In implementing these guidelines, Honda takes a step-by-step approach with dealers based on EV sales potential in their respective markets. A step-by-step approach will allow dealers to time this investment and accelerate EV sales.

Honda Prelude Design

The design team from Honda’s design studio in the country Los Angeles used virtual reality to overcome the challenges of working remotely during the COVID pandemic and collaborated closely with members of Honda’s design and development team in Japan. The Prelude’s design is modern and refreshing, and would look out of place in a showroom alongside current Honda SUVs.

“As the exterior design project manager for the Honda Prologue, it was very exciting to work with a young team of designers who have a new ability to create an SUV with simple and clean lines, strongly inspired by our EV models around the world, including and Honda e”, he mentioned Jiro Ikeda, Head of Exterior Design. “We’ve balanced it all with the aggressive new look that’s available in our current range to ensure that the Prologue represents a true Honda EV.

The team also focused on aerodynamics, adjusting the bodywork for easier handling of the surface and fewer lines to improve range and reduce noise in the cabin. This is something that will take on even greater importance for customers driving an EV, as the lack of engine noise will make wind noise and other sounds entering the cabin more apparent.

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