Honda HR-V 2022: New design reduces fuel consumption

Honda HR-V 2022: New design reduces fuel consumption

This is the next big thing: new Honda HR-V will be launched in Germany in early 2022 and will be captivated by modern and elegant design. While the previous generation of compact SUV already stands out with its excellent amount of space, high performance and impressive price-performance ratio, there is now a sharp edge. With a hybrid car it is new Honda HR-V 2022 well equipped enough to handle the best compact SUVs.

HR-V 2022: This is how this SUV gets its sporty and modern look

One of the most important criteria for buying a car these days is that design dar – and there to go to the Japanese at Honda HR-V 2022 in full. The all-electric Honda e has already attracted attention with its impressive design. Now the Japanese are moving on with their soft and powerful SUVs: What is needed for the SUV at the moment is a stylish look that combines visually coupé dynamics with a powerful SUV character. Honda even adds athletics.

The smooth surfaces of the new Honda HR-V, which fits the SUV so well, are immediately eye-catching. The grille of a large, body-colored radiator, which is seamlessly integrated into a flat, fluffy LED lamp, provides a more accent front. The play is also emphasized by low air intake and a twisted bonnet.

The side view of the Honda HR-V with a low roof line and a slippery slope in coupé style is eye-catching. Because of the long bonnet, the cabinet looks as if it has been placed in the back. The data confirms the impression: compared to the previous model, the makers increased the ground clearance by 10 millimeters and at the same time reduced the roof line by 20 millimeters. round black.

The well-designed rear section attracts continuous lighting belt between attractive LED backlights and, similar to the front, and low protection. Even more: Honda combines use and elegance in a back door designed with purity and a hidden handle.

Detailed consideration: Honda did everything in the most attractive shape

Even the smallest details contribute to the attractive appearance of Honda HR-V 2022 in. For example, the makers cut the joints and connected their motion to the lines to avoid unnecessary shadows. Even the rear door handles, which are on the C-pillar like the Honda e, have fluid on the face, giving the image of a two-door car. Detailed attention is also seen in the inclusion of numerical lights, rear handle and rear camera in a single unit.

Key Purpose: The design of the Honda HR-V 2022 reduces fuel consumption

Successful Design of Honda HR-V 2022 It even serves a useful purpose: aerodynamics can be improved in this way without adding unnecessary elements that often ruin the appearance. To reduce airflow, an air curtain is created through openings connected to the front bumper. The shape of the rear light bulbs and side breakers further reduces the stress on the back of the car. The result is a As well as driving stability and fuel efficiency at high speed.

Run Honda HR-V 2022: The first hybrid data to load

Details for hybrid self-charging drive yes Honda HR-V e: HEV 2022 The Japanese want to publish soon. The system includes two electric motors as well as a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine i-VTEC. The car engine produces 96 kW / 131 hp with a maximum torque of 253 Nm.

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