Honda HR-V 2022: Hybrid charging price

Honda HR-V 2022: Hybrid charging price

The park has three engines and a hybrid for personal loading, which also has a special feature: The Japanese now have the first technical data and new usage values. Honda HR-V announced, which will be launched in Germany in early 2022. Available only by hybrid drive, the Honda HR-V 2022 attractive fuel efficiency and comfort of the electric car and long-distance benefits of conventional combustion engine. Prices for the new HR-V, which can already be ordered, start at 30,400 euros.

Honda HR-V 2022: New hybrid storage saves fuel

yes Hybrid performance of Honda HR-V 2022especially of Honda HR-V e: HEV, is known from the Honda Jazz, but has smaller SUV extensions. The hybrid system has one 1.5 liter turbo gasoline engine and two compact electric motors, lithium-ion battery and automatic drive. A special feature of a hybrid car: In most cases, the gasoline engine does not drive wheels, but only serves as a generator for one of the electric vehicles, which in turn directs the electricity generated by the electric motor that produces the car. Honda HR-V so it mainly runs electrically.

Na 96 kW / 131 hp with a maximum torque of 253 Nm at 4,500 rpm, the Honda HR-V car engine delivers efficient performance to ensure a pleasant driving experience with low fuel consumption in city traffic as well as on country roads and highways. . The statistics speak for themselves: The new HR-V accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds and is satisfied with reality. WLTP frequency on average and only 5.4 liters of fuel per 100 km, which corresponds to an average CO2 emissions of 122 g / km. This is easy on the wallet and rising fuel costs.

The modern hybrid system has already manifested itself in the current Honda Jazz (80 kW // 109 hp). In order to carry the larger Honda HR-V size, the compact SUV received high power output with motor and component control unit, resulting in increased efficiency. Honda also increased the number of battery cells in the HR-V from 48 to 60, allowing greater storage capacity.

Driving routes: How the Honda HR-V 2022 is more economical

For the best efficiency, Honda HR-V 2022 electrically and converts seamlessly to hybrid mode when larger law is required. The gasoline engine is used only as a car at higher speeds and at higher speeds, as on a highway. If, for example, acceleration is required during pass, HR-V replaces the hybrid vehicle and thus provides additional improvements in performance. Along with that, a gasoline-powered generator charges the lithium-ion battery with additional energy, and improves efficiency.

To adjust driving dynamics, the Honda HR-V 2022 offers three modes: “Econ”, “Normal” and “Sport”. yes “Game” mode enables better behavior to respond, when the system is in place “econ‘adjusts air conditioner and compression response to focus on fuel efficiency. For “Normal” mode The car, on the other hand, is optimally balanced between performance and economy. The shift lever can also be used to activate the extra “B” gear and adjust the brake impact force and thus restore personal preference.

Other benefits: how the 2022 Honda HR-V benefited from System 1

Skills for the elite The Honda hybrid system comes from System 1. Max Verstappen from the “Red Bull Racing-Honda” team, for example, finished regularly on the platform with Honda’s engine in the 2020 Form 1 season and helped the team finish second in the builders’ championship. In the current 2021 season, Max Verstappen has already won several races and therefore has a great chance of becoming a world champion.

He offers a variety of Honda production designs that benefit from the experience gained in the complex use of the race: new Honda HR-V e: HEV providing high efficiency and at the same time motivating and responsive drive.

Price Honda HR-V 2022: Sturdy equipment as usual

Enter a variety of new products Honda HR-V repairs “Elegance” equipment line (from 30,400 euros), which includes LED lights, heated front seats, navigation system, smartphone integration via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and 18-inch alloy wheels, among other things. Like all new Honda models, the HR-V also has “Honda Sensing” safety systems that help the driver and solve dangerous situations.

Next top line “Advance” (from 32,600 euros) also includes an electrically operated back gate with detection control, heated steering wheel and fabric / leatherette upholster. in the edition “Early Style” (from 35,300 euros) A high-quality sound system with 10 speakers, unique features such as roof rails, beautiful two-tone finishes and an orange accent in the interior are added as design elements.

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