Honda and Toyota confirm 26 more airbag crashes in Brazil;  GM and Stellantis Not Responding |  services

Honda and Toyota confirm 26 more airbag crashes in Brazil; GM and Stellantis Not Responding | services

Japanese manufacturers Honda and Toyota reported that there is 26 new cases of Takata airbag ruptures in Brazil. advised by car gamesthey said they know 56 instances of defective bags.

Of these, 53 incidents are from Honda vehicles and three from Toyota. There was injured in 21 of them, including one death – always in accidents involving Honda vehicles. In the last update, in 2018, 30 cases were known – 29 of them Honda and one of the Toyotawhile 11 people were injured and one died.

In Two manufacturers were the most recalled due to Takata airbag failures. In Brazil, Toyota has already called 1.3 million owners to replace the defective airbags. According to the company, 61.2% of vehicles have already had parts replaced.

Just focus the number of bags that need to be replaced is 2,006,585 – and 75.7% of them are ready to exchange.

Honda, with 906,000 vehicles recalled and 1.6 million airbags replaced, says that 76.6% of customers have already done repairs.

Remember that exchanges are always free.

Brands are also among the most aggressive in trying to get owners of cars with defective airbags to dealers and recall them.

In addition to the memories of Honda and Toyotathere is knowledge of the driver’s death of a Chevrolet Celta caused by Takata airbag. After the case became public, the manufacturer called for the recall of 235,000 Celta and Classic units – including paying R$ 500 for fuel to those who did the repairs.

car games sent the same questions that Honda and Toyota did not only to Chevrolet, but also to Stellantis, the owner of Fiat, which recalled 257,000 vehicles for the same reason this February. These are the big guys involved in the bad scandal of Takata’s airline bag in Brazil.

The Fiat Uno is among the Stellantis cars that are being recalled for airbag failures – Photo: Auto Esporte

Stellantis said it has already returned 1.2 million vehicles. But he did not say the level of attendance, nor is there any knowledge of accidents involving the bursting of the Takata volcano.

Read the full message posted by Stellantis:

“THE Stellantis informs that, out of respect for its customers and in compliance with applicable regulations, it issues, when necessary, a call to update its vehicles. Understanding the importance and consideration of consumers, Stellantis distributes explanatory information through advertising campaigns, social networks and the distribution of official announcements to mainstream media, as well as carrying out repairs and providing technical information through its product sales networks. Regarding the relevant summons, 1,224,321 vehicles were summoned by the group in the country following the procedures described above.”

Chevrolet Celta Takata Crash (Photo: Production) – Photo: Auto Esporte

General Motors, which owns Chevrolet, also sent a letter. However, he did not answer how many cars he has recalled in Brazil, the level of attendance or if he is aware of other accidents besides the one that killed the Celta driver.

See the full letter sent by General Motors:

“General Motors prioritizes the safety of its customers and is making every effort to reach out and complete its recall campaigns. Information about calls involving products Chevrolet they are available on the brand’s own website, where users can also consult their vehicle’s service history, using the search tool by chassis number.

The infamous airbag scandal

Takata airbags deployed in an unusual way — Photo: Auto Esporte

The scandal emerged in 2013, when Takata discovered that his airbags were defective. Since then, the number of vehicles recalled due to the problem has exceeded 100 million, from 19 different manufacturers, making it the largest recall in automotive history.

The defect is in a part called the insufflator. It is a type of metal box that contains ammonium nitrate, the gas used to inflate the air bag in a crash. Nitrate itself is not explosive. It looks like a white powder and is safe as long as it is not heated.

Megarecal Takata - Autoesporte Explains

Megarecal Takata – Autoesporte Explains

O the risk increases after prolonged exposure of the vehicle to hot or humid environments. The problem is that the extinguishers used by Takata are cracked and seeping in moisture.

Therefore, when the airbag is deployed, the opening is very strong, breaking parts, throwing pieces of metal to the occupants and causing injuries that can lead to death.

Honda and Chevrolet are linked to the two known deaths so far related to Takata airbags. The first of them happened on January 20, 2020, injuring the driver of a 2014 Celta in Aracaju.

The second case occurred seven days later. According to the medical examiner, an “unusual rupture of the airbag” in the 2008 Civic killed one of the occupants.