His electric 4-door SUV project in the room?

His electric 4-door SUV project in the room?

Bugatti would shelve its 4-door SUV project for a hybrid engine intended for a wider range of customers for everyday use. Details.

When they are always the most among premium brands participate in equipped field models engine completely or partially with electricityBugatti would stop developing the idea of ​​a Hybrid SUV inherited from time Stephan Winkelman he headed the Molsheim brand before taking the reins of Lamborghini.

Bugatti against the tide

Where Ferrari has revealed its long-awaited Purosangue, that Aston Martin is speeding up its DBX 707 and that the Lamborghini Urus is collecting records, the brand with the blue badge does not seem ready to join the circle of these fastest SUVs in the world.

This is the information based on the interview given by Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti Design Director, to our colleagues atCoach. According to him, creating such a model would be right for the leaders of Bugatti and a loss of part of the “unique” character. of the badge of Molsheim.

“We were always thinking about what the second line of models could be,” Says Anscheidt to Coach. “But we also thought ‘you are starting to sell the brand’? What are you doing with this precious logo? Would such a move be too cruel to sell the spirit of this logo on the altar of more profit? »

“If we are going to offer an ‘everyday’ model, I prefer to find a balance, without forgetting the roots of the company. This means that if you go into larger production levels, you have to be more unique on the other hand, so that it remains the main product, to balance things . »

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Failed to continue on SUV mode, it is certain that Bugatti wood for a while on it model of the future flag. And weight difference: the loss of the legendary W16 engine !

This was confirmed Mate Rimacthe new hero of the union Bugatti Rimacabout a new brand project that should give pride of placehybrid.

“When people see the next generation of Bugatti, I think they will be surprised that I supported something like this, because first of all I am associated with electric cars,” explains our colleagues from European Car News. “But I have always been very interested in sports and cars. Considering the brand, the customers and the technology available, I think we are creating the best solution for Bugatti. »

Sources: European Motor News, Autocar