His class A is breaking down, the amount of maintenance is ANYTHING!

His class A is breaking down, the amount of maintenance is ANYTHING!

“HS injectors at 89,000 km and €2,364 spent! This is the sad fate that has been reserved for one of our readers Sylvie, owner of a 2015 Class A.

It is to break which has something to bend, especially to a german sedan ! One of our readers, Sylvie D., had a lot bad surprise to pay €2,364 for it Class A only 89,000 kilometers…

According to him, the reliability of his sedan is not about the characteristics, and the price, of mercedes. The quality of its customer relations service is also below its expectations.

Needles failed at 89,000 km!

Even when you choose an entry-level model, driving a Mercedes is expensive. One of our readers, Sylvie D., from Saint-Doulchard (18), paid a good bill when she received the keys, at the end of 2015, to her. Class A 200d New.

However, he did not think that another bill, very salty, would be waiting for him. after only six years of use!

Although his sedan has traveled only 89,000 km, our reader wonders, during the deceleration stage, metallic noise from the engine room. He then immediately stops and has his Class A towed away to his usual business.

Triple disappointment for the owner

The first bad news: it was the needles that gave the soul. The second bad news: it costs money €2,364 take their place!

This analysis surprises Sylvie who has followed the maintenance plan to the end. Furthermore, his car had been repaired a few weeks earlier and no comment about his failure was given to him.

As the saying goes, “never two without three”, Sylvie receives even worse news when the manufacturer responds to her request for help.

According to the latter, this Grade A was guaranteed until September 2017, which does not include any possibility of participation. Disappointed, but still fighting, Sylvie doesn’t want to end there.

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Our defense strategy

Mercedes often assumes that its liability does not extend beyond the contractual warranty agreement, which is two years. However, when early damage occurs, it is common for the starred brand to cover all or part of the repair costs once the warranty expires.

The level of our experts shows that the life of the needle is 8 years/200,000 km. Given the age and distance of her Class A, so must Sylvie require a 40% refund.

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