High jump: That’s the amount you pay for a used car now

High jump: That’s the amount you pay for a used car now

Even old cars can’t be bought soon ?: Cunning prices of used cars: buyers do not have time for certain models.

While new delivery restrictions make the preparation of new cars more difficult, the used car market is taking on completely new dimensions. FOCUS Online shows how prices are currently rising and what types are most needed – diesel, gasoline or electricity?

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Anyone who bought a used car a year ago would have to pay an average of 22 percent more for it today. This is illustrated by the current data from Autoscout24. “This type of vehicle costs an average of EUR 27,103 in March – that is EUR 347 or 1.3 percent more than the previous month. Compared to March last year, prices for used cars have risen by an average of 4844 euros, which is in line with a 22 percent increase in prices.“, the car portal said in a statement. Inflation in the used car market is therefore much higher than the average inflation rate.

Used cars are becoming more expensive – especially electric cars

All the cars have become more expensive – but the increase in electric cars was very strong: “Anyone who buys a smart EQ fortwo used today pays an average of 3093 euros or 25 percent more than a year ago.“, calculates analysts from AutoScout24. Electric car prices rose by 6 percent in March, while diesel and gasoline” only “engines increased by 1.3 percent and 1.1 percent respectively. Stromers’ sharp increase may be related to the recent inflation in fuel station After all: According to AutoScout24, high-end electronic devices such as the Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model S will be more expensive over the course of the year, increasing by 2 and 3 percent respectively.

Used Car Market: Not advertised, already for sale

Also evaluate that portal AutoUncle.de for FOCUS Online only, it shows trends in the used car market. The comparison and rating website evaluates more than 5.9 million used car ads collected from more than 2000 websites in Europe, including Mobile.de, auto dealer websites and AutoScout24.de.

The growth of the “remaining days” is already very clear – ie the number of days that the car is on the dealer before it is sold. In the first three months of the year alone (November 2021 to January 2022) it decreased from 54 to 16 days only for gasoline and diesel engines and from 54 to 34 days for electric vehicles. used car search, who sees how fast-advertised cars are already being sold. What used to be used for the most coveted cars now applies to almost everything that drives and can still be used.

Electric vehicles are needed, diesel used will be scarce soon

As already mentioned, prices are rising – while the range of different car classes varies greatly:

  • ofa used electric vehicles and plug hybrids is growing rapidly, with only a handful of small cars currently an average of 10,000 cars being advertised in online German-language car markets. At the same time, the demand for cars is so great that it is enough for a sharp rise in prices.
  • in diesel car about a year ago nearly 100,000 SUVs were being released, since then the ranks have dropped steadily – and almost unaffected by the regular rise and fall of the season – to less than 75,000 offers. The supply of small diesel cars also declined. At the same time, the number of sales decreased. This situation is likely to continue, as there are fewer and fewer cars with diesel engines – this means that there are largely no equipment and those who still want a good diesel car have fewer options almost every day.
  • The picture is a little different gasoline engines. The declining trend in the number of versions that can also be considered has been declining again since November 2021. A little more cars will be released again, especially in the SUV unit. Explanation is possible: Because of the high price of gasoline, many drivers are replacing other drivers or perhaps completely removing their vehicles. The number of gasoline engines on sale is still stable, as AutoUncle data shows.

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