He’s driving a brand new Range Rover, he’s going under a bridge… it goes wrong

He’s driving a brand new Range Rover, he’s going under a bridge… it goes wrong

Although it was presented just a few weeks ago, the new Range Rover is already in a crash. This article, which was in a transport truck, was completely destroyed.

It would appear that the new Range Rover is available in a convertible version… Or not. An accident on a New Jersey highway last month caused this Range Rover to fall from a tow truck. The incident happened northbound on Route 17 from Paramus. Unfortunately, one person was injured but fortunately no death was reported, according to a photographer who was at the scene of the accident. What remains unclear is who these luxury SUVs were intended for. We have yet to hear about the new Range Rovers that will be available at dealerships. Each of the cars we see in the picture has California plates. Often, cars from Jaguar Land Rover carry a CA plate, and these cars could be delivered to the brand’s headquarters in Mahwah.

Looking at the transporter, it is unclear how the car fell off the transporter. We see several shots of the car under the bridge, which would lead us to believe that there is a problem with the measurements. However, the other vehicles above were not damaged. Either way, this Ranger Rover is good for scrap. It looks like the can opener has “cracked” the car, cracking the roof like a can of seafood.

Collateral damage

Another black Honda Civic car was also caught in the incident. As far as we know, the car was damaged, although the damage is fortunately not as extensive as on the Range Rover. These could be pre-production models, which could explain why the side airbags don’t seem to deploy. In any case, it was not a good day for the truck driver, nor for the people waiting for their luxury SUVs.