Herta says it’s “painful” to see Alfa Romeo do well in 2022 – Formula 1 News

Herta says it’s “painful” to see Alfa Romeo do well in 2022 – Formula 1 News


Colton Herta was very close to being the pilot of formula 1. Michael Andretti had advanced negotiations with Alfa Romeo, but due to his inability to take over the team immediately, he withdrew from negotiations that would have taken his driver out. indie to the main motorsport world community.

To replace Herta, Alfa Romeo hired Guanyu Zhou, the first Chinese driver in F1 history, who won outright points on his debut in Bahrain. The growth of the Italian team in 2022 makes the missed opportunity even more painful for Colton. But the 22-year-old player understands and agrees with Andretti’s reasons for joining the program.

“It hurts a little bit now to see how good they are this year, but it wasn’t meant to be. And honestly, it’s a good thing it didn’t happen and a good thing they didn’t try to push it further. Mikael [Andretti] and Dan [Towriss, patrocinador da equipe] they did everything they had to in that situation, but you can’t force it”, complained Colton Herta in a special interview with. indieStar.

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Guanyu Zhou scored his first point in his Formula 1 debut (Image: Alfa Romeo)

“It wasn’t a good deal, so I congratulate them for dropping out. It’s like buying a house and someone outbids you, and you can’t afford it. Michael got into the business”, revealed the American driver, who is currently seventh in the championship. of cars indie.

During the interview, Herta confirmed that he had hired a film crew for the 2021 Long Beach GP, which would be his last in the series. indie. In addition, the driver claims that Ferrari would also be involved in the plan, offering a test ride to help him get used to it formula 1.

“At the end of the day, I don’t know if Ferrari had the car ready, but they said they will see what they will do.” Maybe I got deals. It was very close, much closer than people think, but then everything started to fall apart,” Colton recalled.

After the failure of the contract with Alfa Romeo, Andretti officially expressed his intention to enter formula 1 in 2024. The title still needs approval from the International Automobile Federation, but, if successful, the American team will have Herta as a driver in the category.

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Colton Herta during the Texas GP (Image: Indycar)

Furthermore, there is still one more way for Colton to reach F1. The 22-year-old recently signed on as a McLaren development driver, and will share at least one test with the team’s car this year. The British team has Lando Norris with a contract renewed until 2025 and Daniel Ricciardo with a contract until 2023, so the opportunity will only appear in 2024. As a result, Herta will not be sad about the drop in the level of the Australian.

“Like him [Ricciardo] keep growing, I probably won’t get that chance, but I hope Lando continues to do well so I can at least have a chance. It is clear that I do not wish anyone harm, I do not pray for their downfall. If he does well, good for him, he will deserve the seat. No one knows what the future holds, but part of me hopes that I have an opportunity, at least a small chance to show what I can do,” said the Andretti driver.

When a dream to experiment inside formula 1 doesn’t happen, Colton Herta remains focused indie. After finishing in fourth place in St. Ring and 12th in Texas, the American is looking for his first podium in 2022 at the Long Beach GP, which will take place this Sunday, California, April 10.


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