Here’s a car that focuses on records in Nurburgring

Here’s a car that focuses on records in Nurburgring

Have you ever heard of Reducing D12? Probably not. But be careful because, if everything goes according to French house plans, his name will be one of the most popular in the world. The reason is cited recently: the hypercar first introduced in August 2020, reviving the Delage Automobiles brand, closed in 1953 – actually intends to take a thigh record. Nurburgring in the “traffic laws” unit, grabbing from the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and the Manthey Performance Kit package.

“I want the D12 to record in Nurburgring” announced Laurent Tapie, the company’s CEO, whose goal will be achieved by 2023. But what are the “weapons” that a transalpine hypercar has?

unity is power

Extreme shapes, which combine those of conventional hypercar with those of Formula 1 of one seat, hide the electric train that is on V12 is naturally coveted of 7.6 liters per second with electricity, for a total of 1,130 hp. Weight? Small: 1,400 kg, almost as part of compact C. A lightweight version of 1,310 kg is also planned for production, with a small electric motor with a power of 1,024 hp.

From F1, Delage D12 not only includes shapes but also part of mechanics – such as pushing the road suspension – with the advice of Jacques Villeneuve, the 1997 world champion and the unforgettable son of Gilles. A special and refined hypercar with an unusual cockpit, where two seats are placed in a row, thus allowing the driver to sit in the middle.

Behind the project is also a team of professionals led by Benoit Bagur, with 35 years of experience in the world of automotive sports. The name that Tapie so longed for “” When I hired Benoit, the project manager, I told him: ‘I want you to create something that is as close to driving a Formula 1 car as possible’. And if it is approaching, it means it will be faster than anything else in the song.

Form and function

But pure power is not enough, it also takes more as Bagur said “The secret to going fast in a song, especially in a song as long as Nurburgring, is aerodynamics. Because ultimately, both hypercars and supercars are very powerful, the real difference being in aerodynamics. If you want to have the highest power up front, you do it in front of a Formula 1 car. And it’s no coincidence that they use this frame in the Circus “.

Delage D12 is currently at the end of the development phase, but Tapie told a colleague at Motor1 USA that the first presentation will begin later this year. Then 2023 will come, with the goal of making the 6: 43.300 cycle on Norsurgring Porsche 911 GT2 RS history.

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