Here comes the new Nissan made in Brazil.  Will it be another SUV?

Here comes the new Nissan made in Brazil. Will it be another SUV?

Investing in Brazil and Argentina to increase production of its successful models, known as Kicks and Frontier, Nissan wants more. The new model is planned for Brazil to be produced at the factory in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, where only the Nissan Kick is produced today.

With an estimate to produce 80,000 Kick in 2022, despite initially having a plan to produce 100,000 units, Nissan wants to expand the capacity of the factory and bring a new model. According to the information obtained by Automotive BusinessNissan’s R$1.3 billion investment in Brazil aims to produce a new car here by 2025.

Like Automatic+ It has recently found out, Nissan does not see any possibility of manufacturing the Magnite in Brazil. First, because the model uses the Kwid base and would require modifications on the assembly line for a single car base. Since the market is increasingly focused on traditional platforms, this will not make sense.

Nissan Magneto [divulgação]

The most logical move is to develop a car that is already on the CMF-B platform that Renault will use in its small SUV. Or even CMF-CD if it’s aimed at the higher end. In fact, it is in this direction that Nissan is pointing. The brand sees sense in having an SUV on top of the Kicks.

Today the small SUV is priced between R$109,290 and R$143,990, making it one of the cheapest SUVs in Brazil. Putting a model under it in a tight space that doesn’t really exist between the Versa and the Kicks would make no sense. However, operating in the segment Toyota Corolla Cross, Jeep Compass and Volkswagen Taos is like Nissan.

Nissan Kicks Sense Manual [Auto+ / João Brigato]
Nissan Kicks Sense Manual [Auto+ / João Brigato]

Nissan Compass

They already have the perfect model for this: Qashaqai. It saved Nissan’s operation in Europe in the past and today it does on the Old Continent what the Jeep Compass does here: it outsells the competition and leaves no room for any rival to reach the top spot in the category. But to keep costs down, we might not have a European-specific Qashqai.

The Japanese brand could create a new mid-size SUV, even keeping the Qashqai name and appearance, but using a stretched CMF-B base. The platform is used by the Renault Arkana SUV group in Europe and is the same size as the Qashqai. In addition, the basis will already be used here in the new Renault SUV and in the next generation Kicks. So the economies of scale are clear.

Nissan Qashqai [divulgação]
Nissan Qashqai [divulgação]

In India, Nissan sells the Kicks and Duster platform and it looks a little different from ours because of that. Doing this platform transplant again to have the Qashqai in Brazil would make a lot of sense. And with the advantage that the CMF-B platform is very close to the CMF-CD and would not require as much modification as the Indian Kicks based Duster.

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