Helio Dórea Social Profile – Folha Vitória

Helio Dórea Social Profile – Folha Vitória


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Luciano Chibib

Businessman Getulio Azevedo told the class that there is still time to spend the weekend with new glasses. Your Paris Optics is open with special discounts.

Erik Lorenzon welcomes guests and partners to launch the second unit of NaCapital Coworking, Praia do Canto. It’s all set for the 15th.

Among many friendly couples and their children, they were also present at the 6th birthday party of Ana Laura Rosestolado (photo), Beatriz Lima, Celia Oliva Nascif, sisters Bernadete and Cecilia Nascif, as well as Heloisa (Lolói) and Ronaldo Lima, grandfather and grandfather of the person born.

The next Marlon Vianna event will take place on the 21st with an evening of gastronomy, at the Jaguar Land Rover Vitória track. They have already confirmed their presence, Rubi and Paulo Mansur, Sara Boechat and Paulo Oliveira, Flavia Fardim, Lucimar and Arlindo Soares, Valquiria Cheim, Ivan Aguilar and so on…

The long-awaited reality show “A Fazenda”, from our TV Record / TV Vitória, is coming. Commencement is scheduled for Tuesday, the 13th. There will be strawberry…

Denise Moraes, who recently released her book “Preservation is Conscientization”, with her talent as a writer, is an undoubted beauty. Good morning, Denise!

Ivan Aguilar left his fashion fortress, in Praia do Canto, to enjoy a few days in Madrid, a city full of culture that he loves so much. You research trends in your industry.

Ricardo Souza, a specialist in creating fitness methods in the country, created a new training method that will be available for capixabas. Catiane Almeida and Flávia Zon, from SoulFit Studio Boutique, have already started using new things.

Coluna HD mourns the death of Ruth Rizk, the good people from Vitória who marked her presence among us.

Luiza Hosken, who is a dental surgeon, went to Belo Horizonte, where she takes advantage of the vacation to visit family members. He also distributes services in his area between Vitória and the capital of Minas Gerais.

Today, September 7, Brazil is buzzing with demonstrations in support of the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro, especially in Brasília, in the morning and in Rio de Janeiro, in the afternoon, where the president will appear and speak.