heat, eat or recharge your electric car… should you choose?

heat, eat or recharge your electric car… should you choose?

From October, electricity prices for households will rise sharply in the UK. To the point of questioning the importance of an electric car on fuel, but it is already too expensive?

In the space of a few months, our British neighbors have experienced almost every emotion possible. From the unrecognized parties of Boris Johnson’s government in the midst of Covid, to Brexit, the arrival of a new Conservative leader in power, the British have also had to deal like almost everyone else with stratospheric prices at the pump. But that was just the beginning of the mess, and not counting the Russian intervention in Ukraine that caused the price of gas to jump … which the electricity is made of. Except that unlike France, the British do not benefit from a beneficial tax shield and controlled taxation.. So it is in an impossible dilemma that drivers find themselves: fuel, or electricity? Or rather, at this time, plague or cholera.

Recharging your electric car will be expensive anyway

MG, the British brand flying the Chinese flag, is launching its first electric compact. The worst time, given the price of electricity in his own land?© MG

Prime Minister Liz Truss will announce a major aid package on Thursday to freeze electricity prices in the country. But it will cost less money in the UK, as the bill will reach around 100 billion euros. In comparison, the fuel cuts in France cost “only” 4 billion euros to the State. The idea would be to limit the household’s annual electricity bill by £2500 a year. Note that in the UK, household electricity prices operate on a “price cap” principle, set by the energy regulator. It refers to the price per kWh (as in France), but they are based on the annual invoice to calculate. And this price limit it was 1971 pounds for the year to date, but at the beginning of October, it will be increased by 80% to 3549 pounds! (The official document will be available here)

Many households are also benefiting from public assistance, such as moderate and temporary monthly bonus checks to support British households, which will therefore not have to face the 80% increase, as feared. Despite everything, government aid will not completely reduce the increase, which threatens the rise of the electric car in the short term.. Our colleagues from the British media they have already calculated the cost of using a current gasoline car compared to an electric one, and in some cases … a heated one is cheaper, but only if you use charging stations. Despite the increase, an electric car charged at home should remain more attractive than a heated one. Beyond the real money problem, it’s actually a bad deal in terms of communication for an electric car. Obviously, all this is an exceptional situation which, hopefully for the British, should not last for a while. In any case, it will last as long as the European Commission has not finished calculating the total price of electricity on that of gas…

Posted on 09/08/2022 Updated 09/08/2022