He transports an alligator in the back of his SUV on the highway

When he returned from hunting, this hunter decided to bring back his prey by locking it outside his car. This crocodile should not have fit in its trunk.

Alligator hunting is open in Florida and it shows. In a Reddit post by user CadillacXT4, an unusual sight was highlighted. On a Florida highway, a Chevrolet SUV was spotted with an alligator strapped to the seat next to the bumper. Make sure the animal is dead and according to post comments, this type of photo is rarer than one might think when reopening reptile hunting in Florida.

The animal was tied under the trunk, its tail folded towards the belly so that it does not drag down and that it does not exceed the width of the car. Still, it can be pulled a little by the exhaust gases that should come from the level of its head and its hind legs. This will definitely add a little flavor to the dinner.

Legal or not?

It is difficult to know if this mode of transport is actually authorized. But one thing is certain, no one will hold this driver too much during his journey. This seems to be more effective than “baby on board” or “don’t stick to me, I’m braking” stickers.