He pretends to be a policeman and arrests him by mistake!

He pretends to be a policeman and arrests him by mistake!

A few days ago, in Brighton, Colorado, a fake policeman was exposed. During his fake round, he had the misfortune to challenge a real officer in plainclothes…

Oh, dumplings. As you know, impersonating a law enforcement officer is strictly prohibited, regardless of the country you are in.

And that, Jose Flores Ortiz he knew him well, but that didn’t stop him from putting himself in the shoes of the police for a while. Finally, it is already long enough to be revealed.

Gilbert Abdullaha member of the police Adams County he was relaxed when he had to deal with this little genius. He then recounts this completely lunar event in an interview given to him CBS Colorado : “At one point he was so close to me it seemed strange. So I reached out and grabbed my police radio and turned it on and sure enough the red and blue lights flashed behind me. »

Unfortunately this fake officer, control therefore did not go at all as he wanted.

“And the sea **”

When he gets out of his car and sees this guy wearing a “Security” vest and fake badgeGilbert Abdulla introduces himself immediately.

very quickly, a bad imitator understands that he has been cooked and then he tries to calmly escape from this situation. But of course, the plainclothes officer stops him and contacts his colleagues to come and question him.

the latter also found in Dodge Durango of this fake policeman, a weapon and a can of alcohol. Unusual…

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