He loses control of his Dodge Viper during the race

He loses control of his Dodge Viper during the race

The Dodge Viper is one of the American legends with a sulfur character. Indeed, the first generation RT / 10 presented in this video had a Shelby Cobra philosophy. You will not find any windows, no roof, no ABS and no traction control. The driver seems to forget that this car is unforgiving.

You have to be humble when driving a Viper, its coveted 8.0-liter V10 boosts 456 horsepower and truck torque, 665nm. All are passed on the rear wheels without a crazy bridge, you must have a clear view to drive it. Obviously, the driver of this model was very hospitable on the right pedal.

During this improved race of Fast and Fleet style, the owner of the Viper lost control in front of the Acura (Honda) Integra, the rear wheels slipped and led him towards the decoration. The lamp post left more than an impact on the Viper which could be declared an accident. In his accident the driver gets at least a chance to get out of the car without being injured.

A video that reminds us that road alertness is the best quality.

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