He is approaching 300 km / h on the Audi S5 Supercharged wheel

He is approaching 300 km / h on the Audi S5 Supercharged wheel

The Audi S5 Supercharged has been on the road all over the world for a few years now. But the boys from AutoTopNL reminded us that it was still far from “it has been”.

In this type of first-person video, any car can look fast and powerful. But in the part we are about to see, there is no doubt that this Audi S5 Highly Charge really is.

A German race car delivered home to an unlimited part of the autobahn shows the full extent of his talent on camera. Thanks to his horsepower 440 under the hoodthe animal attaches very high-speed explosions.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!


and boys from AutoTopNL YouTube channelwe are used to seeing them send “Short journey” for over 250 km / h on German autobahn.

And yet, their videos are still interesting and this Audi S5 test is no exception, on the contrary. Between the humming engine just right and The top speed is 292 km / h, Lovers of great relocation will no doubt appreciate it!

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