He damages his Tiguan by parking at… 1 km/h!

He damages his Tiguan by parking at… 1 km/h!

When it doesn’t want it doesn’t want it. A slightly dizzy driver hit the front and rear bumpers of his VW Tiguan. Carelessness that costs him a lot!

What went through the driver’s head? We are still wondering how this incident could have happened. In the parking lot, the SUV tries to park unsuccessfully and ends up giving up. Unlike the front gear, this driver probably didn’t have his eyes in front of the potholes during his maneuver.

Rule 1: be careful!

It is not a place that does not exist and yet … this driver found himself stuck So Car Parking. recorded using a surveillance camera, a man wanted to park between two opposite cars. Nothing unusual so far. But the little details will make all the difference. When backing up, the Tiguan SUV volkswagen it corresponds to the raised pole below. Not one or two, the driver gets out of his car to see the damage but unfortunately, the car drives away on its own. If the handbrake was not an option, the driver would rush back in to avoid an accident.

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We certainly call ourselves the driver of this SUV The Tiguan was not paying attention when trying to park and pass lack of experience, he did not see that the place was not there. But what follows suggests an entirely different conversation. We watch on video the driver driving to be able to enter ahead on the square. Again, failure is bad! If it rained, this driver would have to stop parking. Are you distracted? What? Are you a drunk or a rookie? For whatever reason, moving to the garage seems inevitable!

Watch the video of this damn trick below:

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