Harry Potter’s Hogwart legacy is further revealed in this new movie

Harry Potter’s Hogwart legacy is further revealed in this new movie

Undoubtedly very clever about its communication, Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Legacy unveiled a new image during the Autodesk event. Fans were treated to a new movie of the main character coming to the aid of a hippopotamus, as well as two new gameplay images. We’ll have to be content with that for now.

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If Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games this year along with God of War: Ragnarök, it is clear that communication about it is still thin. Of course we’ll know more by December, but for now, fans don’t have much to sink their teeth into. So we’ll have to settle for a new movie that doesn’t reveal much about the plot, but which has the ability to show a little more about its world.

In this movie therefore, we can discover our main character (remember also that it will not be a man since the game will allow us to decide the gender that we want to include) in the middle of an uncomfortable situation. With his classmate Natsai, he witnesses the execution of a hippopotamus by other students. The video ends when two magicians decide to save the magical creature. So much for the cutscene, which luckily comes with two other cool cutscenes.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy releases two new gameplay images

The first of them shows the customization list of our character, more precisely the different clothes that will be possible to wear in the game. Remember that these are clear presets, and that therefore it is probably possible to customize their clothes even more. As the second, it features the charismatic teacher Abraham Ronen, whom we have already heard.

harry potter hogwarts legacy customization

Indeed, the Avalanche Program has already confirmed that the wizard is a member of Slytherin house. We don’t know much about him at the moment, as the image is a screenshot of the character editor, serving to convey how they were created for the game. For others, it will be that you have to be a little patient. I hope more news will come soon.

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