Hard Nissan electrics batteries will arrive in 2028

Hard Nissan electrics batteries will arrive in 2028

Nissan has discovered a formula to guide the electric car market in the third decade. The Japanese company has presented a model for the manufacture of solid state batteries, a technology that it intends to include from 2028, surpassing all its rivals.

Competition between brands in the market electric cars flourishing. Some of the so-called generalists are already reaching Premium in the development of state-of-the-art technology, especially in battery field. The powerful feature of electric motors, and the one that provides independence, goes a way to take big action in the years to come.

Although Toyota is one of the leaders, it has several obvious changes in the technologies of the future, those of nissan They have just submitted theirs an example of the production of solid state batteries. The Japanese have found the key to zero production that will reach the end of the second half of the decade, creating a storage device that provides greater energy density, more freedom and shorter charging timebe prepared for series production from 2028.

Details of the new Nissan solid state battery pack pack

Nissan power supply and durable battery will cost as much as a combustion vehicle

The manufacturer has designed this technology based on fine sheets full of high voltage cells that accumulate in one pile high on the other hand, it is packaged in a compressed package in which cells accumulate. For now, Nissan has just revealed that this battery is new doubles energy density compared to lithium used to date, and that the material used is also cheaper than this chemical element, so Not over nickel and cobalt as well, which is more expensive..

The brand will start producing these new batteries from March 2024but they will not enter the mass production lines until four years later, as they will be used internally for experiments. At the same time, the brand will work to reduce cost-effectiveness and affordability depending on the price of combustion vehiclessome statistics that will make more than one think about whether to place a bet on electricity or not.

In this sense, one of the people in charge of the project has been announced, and of the Nissan Research and Development department in Kanagawa. Kunio Nakaguro said that “Nissan is at the forefront of electricity supply due to many research and development work, from battery equipment to mass level or the design of safe and advanced electric vehicles”.

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