“Happy Birthday Mrs. Graylin Warner”, the living story of Cholet

“Happy Birthday Mrs. Graylin Warner”, the living story of Cholet

It was almost completely unknown that Graylin Warner, the 2.02m American winger, arrived in December 1986 at Cholet Basket. Six years later, in 1992, it is in the legend that the one who became the “Greyhound of the Mauges” left Meilleraie which he asked to light week after week. During this time, Warner scored 5,629 in 226 games with CB, notably scoring two 50-pointers (in December 1987 against Lorient and March 1989 against Avignon). “Points, I scored a lot, it’s true. But you can notice that I also defended, I blocked shots, I passed. It is an honor for me. But if I succeeded, it is also thanks to my teammates, the fans and Michel Léger. In Cholet, I feel like I did a good job. However, it was the most enjoyable work of my career. »

Here is the story of his Cholet history…


“I think Michel Léger has told the story many times. I arrived in December 1986 in Cholet, who was looking to replace another American, Ed Catchings. I believe there was another American for the same position. It was him or me. Personally, I had just been cut from Fabriano (Italy) and I didn’t like it. I said to myself: “Never!”. With that, I did it my way! In Italy, I tried to do what I was asked to do, but I understood that it was not my job. In fact, my job was to do anything to win. It was in this state of mind that I took the direction of Cholet. After arriving, I immediately went into my routine, listening to my music. I love this. And there, I’m told, we’re playing tonight. OK. A holy challenge. It was against Le Mans (December 17, 1986). Maybe that first game was good or bad, but I wanted to play as hard as I could. I just remember stealing the ball, running around, and I think I had a really good game (21 points and a 73-68 win). I thought to myself, there is no reason why I should not get the job. But I know that when the president saw me, he said to himself that I was very thin. He must have thought, “My God, who is this man? “I also believe that he brought me here because my name was similar to that of Bill Varner, a good player who played in Antibes. But I, it’s Warner. I think everyone at Cholet has understood this. »


“The day Michel Léger came to pick me up at the airport in Paris, he was tired. He was so tired that he quickly asked me if I could drive so he could rest. He told me which way to go and we went. Me, the new player behind the wheel and the president of the club is lying next to me. I thought to myself “if he is crazy enough to do this, then he will be enough…