handover to the government annoys Sandrine Rousseau!

handover to the government annoys Sandrine Rousseau!

Sandrine Rousseau believes that the increase in the government’s fuel price discount is “social nonsense”.

Since September 1, the government fuel discount has come out 18 to 30 euro cents per liter. Actions are taken when the price of oil is reached down in recent weeks.

And of course, not everyone is happy with this situation. Sandrine Rousseau, deputy ecologist of the ninth arrondissement of Paris, known for her controversial walks, spoke about the increase in this discount. This is in strong words.

“I have no desire for taxpayers’ money to be spent fill the tanks of Porsches and big 4x4s, he performed on the French mic 3. This is ecological nonsense and it is social nonsense. » Because it is known that French motorists only drive Porsches or large 4x4s.

The handover of the government causes a stir

Other criticisms also arose earlier, for this fuel discount. Especially about the fact that he is available to foreign drivers. Thus, Loïc Hervé, a centrist senator from Haute-Savoie, recently estimated that “The national budget does not have to finance the refueling of our Swiss neighbors (…) It’s money thrown out the window“.

Still, this makes it possible to have a “cost” for this discount. The latter should represent a deficit of around 7.5 billion euros for the Government. Articles for foreign motorists should make it possible to reduce this, up to tens or hundreds of millions of euros.

Remember that the 30 cent fuel discount will last until November 1. On this date, the end it will drop from 30 to 10 centimeters per liter. This until the end of 2022, before the possible implementation of other measures.

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