handle the first cheap car of the power station

handle the first cheap car of the power station

Founded in 1924, Morris Garage will soon mark the 100th anniversary. But after the Rover Bank went bankrupt in 2004, The British brand came under the Chinese flag when it was taken over by the SAIC group in 2007. The return of MG was made in Europe in 2020, with three electronic products: ZS, EHS and Marvel R. The fourth, baptized MG 5 without mentioning a logical name, puts its wheels here in the spring of 2022, even if not completely. unknown. In fact, it is again a large Roewe Ei5 or E5 powder, sold on the Chinese market since 2017.

5 mg is small but long. It belongs to the same unit as the Renault Mégane Estate and Peugeot 308 SW, with almost identical dimensions: 4.60 m long, 1.82 wide and 1.54 m long. Some will find some balance in proportion, mainly because high ground clearance (11.5 cm) for non-adventure station vehicle. But this is explained by the position of the battery, below the floor, which needs to lift the body to protect the cells from shock.

The first car of a compact power station

Because MG 5 is only delivered electronically by us. Aside from Taycan Sport Turismo and Taycan Cross Turismo recently added to the Porsche list, no wholesale manufacturer has entered the real estate market at the moment. So MG 5 is the first “mover” of the first 100% cheap compact: is offered from € 32,450 excluding the bonus. It is approximately the price of the Renault Zoé (€ 32,800 excluding the bonus), with a few more benefits to the family. Including the bonus, which brings its price down to € 26,450 up to July 2022, 5Gs could be cheaper than the standard Renault Mégane Estate (from € 29,800 for 140hp gasoline) or hybrid plug-in (from € 39,750 excluding. Excess).

From the outside, the MG 5 station car takes on a very European, casual and even anonymous look. It has thin LED lights and a full grille, where the charge access hatch is located. In the profile, a slight drop in the window exerts a full force, along with certain lines connecting the optics or placing reliefs under the doors. In the background, two thick lights are attached to a thin chrome element. Shields have easy treatment, with two false triangular scoops connecting the reflection. Two rim sizes are available: 16 inches at the Comfort entry level, or 17 inches with two tones in our experimental model in the Luxury finish.

Well-designed cabinet

On board, the MG 5 offers a state-of-the-art dashboard, with a screen and a floating centerpiece reminiscent of the Volvo world. The gear control lever is replaced by a Jaguar Land Rover style gear selector wheel. Behind the steering wheel is a 7-inch digital panel with counters, which can be personalized and readable. We get speed on the left, percentage of engine power consumption on the right side and a lot of driving information in the middle (range, driving equipment involved, gear involved, etc.).

The second panel, this time with a touch of 10.25 inches, is used to control the multimedia system with many car components: air conditioning, navigation, radio controls or even a CarPlay or Android Auto display. Shortcuts are placed at the bottom of the screen but we regret that MG did not stop the wheel to adjust the temperature, which you must search in the menu.

Habitability: very good and less good

The passenger section is well thought out and well completed, and black lacquered, aluminum-style or even light inserts cloth on door trims and offset front passengers. Of course, there are still some hard non-slip plastics but the whole one is very precise, and looks lovely. Blue hinges on air vents grilles and door openers brighten up the passenger compartment, which may have a black fabric upholstery on the entry level or leather upholstery (black as usual, light gray as an option) on the section high.

Habitability is also one of the Chinese resort strengths, thanks to a 2.66 m wheel powered by electricity. Thus, rear passengers face more space than in the ZS EV SUV electric brand of the same brand. The rear knee position is given 859 mm by the brand. Central passengers enjoy many opportunities due to the lack of a service tunnel. On the other hand, stem volume is reduced compared to its heat competitors, by 479 liters in a 5-seat configuration, and up to 1367 liters in a 2-seat configuration. By comparison, the Peugeot 308 SW delivers 608 liters per 1,634 liters in internal combustion. , while the Renault Mégane Estate delivers between 563 and 1,543 liters. That said, the square trunk seems to fit the family.


Sitting comfortably on board, thanks to the reinforced chairs, we leave quietly from Avignon station, towards Luberon. Evolution is smooth, and three modes of operation are available: Eco, Comfort and Sport. Comfort mode, similar to normal mode, is ideal for driving gently in the city and accelerating up to 50 km / h. Comfort is good, with a strong suspension that does not bring comfort to the car. Sound insulation is good, despite the noise of the wind from the mirrors.

The car is well parked, unlike other electronic devices such as the luxury Ford Mustang Mach-E. Ditto for brake pedal, generally difficult dose due to regenerative brakes. Here, the feeling is natural and “KERS” can be changed via a button on a central setting in three cases. These range from 1 to 3, from weak to strong. Thus, the electric station car can almost stop without touching the brake pedal depending on the selected condition. On the other hand, there is no perfect state of the free wheel and there is no way to completely cut off rebirth.

Expenditure control

Let’s now leave the city for Alpilles and discover more about the ever-changing nature. MG 5 is a fun car to drive, with a straight steering wheel if to some extent. On the other hand, a good point: we do not feel the normal weight of electric vehicles, since the car is light and 1,562 kg blank. This translates into very small congestion in turn, and good performance despite only 156 hp in our “Long Distance” version. 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in 8.3 seconds, and the top speed is up to 185 km / h. The Chinese resort has some very interesting reminders of the state of the sport, important when passing through the department road.

After more than 225 kilometers in the Var area, the decision is in: our consumption has been introduced in a mixed way at 16.3 kWh, without driving in certain conditions and with a slight difference in height in Alpilles. Which, after a quick calculation, will allow 374 miles of full battery life in these conditions. Good value, which is still possible to reduce as we were able to consolidate around 14 kWh in some cases, including crossing the good villages of Gordes and Roussillon.


We love it

  • Very affordable price for an electric car
  • Quality of presentation
  • Health behavior on the road
  • Consumption control and independence
  • Back position…

We love it a little

  • … But the stem volume slightly lower
  • No wheel condition


MG enters the car’s trailer section with an unprecedented electric proposal, all at the price of a Renault Zoé with a little more benefit to the family. Something to appeal to family but also taxi drivers and VTC.


  • MG 5 Extended Freedom – elegant finish
  • Trial version: 38,640 euros (bonus not deducted)
  • From: 32,450 euros (bonus not deducted)
  • Average manufacturer / test time (kWh / 100 km): 17.9 / 16.3
  • Independent manufacturer / test time (km): 380/360
  • Charging: 3h9 to 11 kW
  • Quick payment: 40 minutes
  • CO2 / bonus: 0 / 6,000 *
  • Financial strength: nc
  • Manufacturing country: China.

*: until July 2022.

Ranges offered:

Electricity, from 156 to 177 hp, from € 32,490 to € 36,990

Technical paper

  • Motor: permanent synchronous magnet, AV
    Distribution: front wheel drive, one-speed gearbox + rear gear switch
  • Battery (kWh): NCM (lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt) 61.1 kWh
  • Power: 156 hp / 130 kW
  • Torque (Nm): 280
  • Empty weight: 1,562 kg
  • Height.xwidth.xhigh. (m): 4.60 × 1.82 × 1.54
  • Wheel base (m): 2.66
  • 0 to 100 km / h (s): 8.3
  • Maximum speed (km / h): 185
  • Test tires: Michelin Primacy 3ST (215/50 R17)
  • 5/2 chest (l): 479 / 1,367

Suggested options

  • Metal color: € 650
  • Imitation gray leather upholstery (Luxury): € 1,000


  • Renault Mégane Estate: starting at € 29,800, E-Tech 160 hp hybrid software from € 39,750
  • Peugeot 308 SW: starting at € 26,700, hybrid 180 hp plug from € 39,050
  • Volkswagen ID.4 Clean (149 hp, 52 kWh): from € 41,500

Photo: Clement Choulot.

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