half of June’s sales came from Germany

half of June’s sales came from Germany

We already know that BMW is the leading company in the sale of premium cars in Brazil and worldwide, so much so that it led the segment in 2021, producing 2,521,525 vehicles. And this year things are going well. BMW was the premium carmaker that sold the most in June in Brazil and dominated almost half of the premium market. The manufacturer’s best seller is the X1.

BMW was responsible for 47.7% of premium car sales in June in Brazil. 1,568 vehicles were licensed, 10.5% more than the same period in 2021, when it registered 1,419 sales.


“Thank you to our customers for their patronage and pride in working with this team and our Dealer Network. With our Araquari factory supporting global volume and delivery, we have the best choice in products, services and technologies to offer on the market” , says President and CEO of BMW Group Brazil, Aksel Krieger.

According to the National Federation of Automotive Distributors (Fenabrave), the premium segment has fallen by 17% since the middle of 2021. Despite these drops, BMW has increased its sales by 2% compared to the same period.


Ranked 38th on the list of best-selling passenger cars in the country, the BMW X1 was largely responsible for the company’s high sales. In addition, the model is in the process of being replaced and will soon be available in Brazil in electric and hybrid versions, as well as a combustion model.

The entry-level version of the new X1 will have a 136 hp 1.5-liter engine with 23.4 kgfm of torque. For the 2.0 turbo version it will be 204 hp and 32.6 kgfm. The hybrid and electric versions will have a difference between 245 and 326 hp depending on the models.

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