Haas does not hide that it has copied Ferrari’s aerodynamics

Haas does not hide that it has copied Ferrari’s aerodynamics

Copying teams in Formula 1 has never been banned. The responsibility is about the development from A to Z of the elements and being able to provide proof of its development.

So Gunther Steiner does not hide that he is encouraged by Ferrari to develop and bring changes to Haas. This includes a new flat bottom, ventilation system and air cooling in the body, rear suspension and other less noticeable changes. At the moment, this development is available on a single seat and is being tested by Kevin Magnussen.

Drawing inspiration from the Ferrari F1-75 makes sense for Haas, which already shares an engine and gearbox with the prancing horse. However Steiner confirms that its development is not the result of research work carried out on Ferrari alone. Red Bull and Mercedes were also sources of inspiration.

“We are close to Ferrari so obviously we will see what they are doing and we will imitate them if it looks interesting. But it takes time because we have to understand the current car, then do the wind tunnel and then test here. »

However, a good performance at the beginning of the season gave his technical team more time to see the progress made by other teams and try to make a combination: “There are three different concepts: that of Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes. We said to ourselves that we should try to win as much as we can and therefore see what is going well everywhere and see what direction to take. » explained Motorsport.

Steiner justified himself by also explaining that they had no real intention of copying other teams, such as Williams who have a different concept and lower performance: “When people ask me why we don’t imitate Williams, I mean without disrespecting them, they have different concepts and are behind us in performance… why do we want to do that. » he commented.