Guingamp.  The coaches, the old Ford garage, the central pavilion: everything that will change at Vally

Guingamp. The coaches, the old Ford garage, the central pavilion: everything that will change at Vally

The Vally shed will be renovated to house the projects. © DR

Le Vally is a strategic site, a former fairground, near the citadel of Pierre II, an important parking space in the city center of Guingamp. It is also the place to organize the market, carnival and festival of Saint-Loup. And of course, the bus stop where school children pass in the morning and evening. “We must implement a quality project on Vally, while confirming different uses”, insists the mayor.

Philippe Le Goff describes the main axes of the Vally car park regeneration project.

Bus station. This involves recirculation and parking of coaches, and the creation of (un)loading docks. To get students and justify the expenditure.

The rotation is set

The circle will be placed around the square, on the model of the circle.

Old Ford garage. The building was purchased by the city. It will be demolished in 2023, then another building will be built in its place, intended for housing, apparently by a private partner. Several rooms and one or two commercial cells (more than 300 square meters) are planned.

The central pavilion. The building in the center (out of the center) of Vally will not be demolished but will be renovated and become a project house. “It is a space that will accommodate a meal, a temporary exhibition, a public meeting… A common space that can accommodate many different activities,” explains the mayor.

The work was spread over two years

The work will be done in two phases and spread over two years. Home of the first projects, in 2023. Vally Velum, the restart of asphalt and quays in the year 2024. “The best is that it is completed in Saint-Loup 2024”, murmurs the Mayor , very careful about the work schedule. Total cost of the project: 5 million euros.

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