GTA 6 brings controversy, players are angry for forcing a woman

GTA 6 brings controversy, players are angry for forcing a woman

Here’s the latest teaser for GTA 6, the next installment in Rockstar’s cult saga. For the first time in the history of the license, players will be able to include a woman. Unsurprisingly, many players have made their discontent known on social media, between misogyny and double standards.

Credits: Rockstar

If you follow the news about GTA 6, Rockstar’s next juggernaut, you may know that the famous journalist Jason Schreier has leaked a lot of information about the game from inside sources.

The author teaches us exactly that Vice City will return and that therefore it will replace Los Santos. In addition, the map will be scalable and other cities / areas and solo missions will be added after the launch of the title. The main novel, however, remains the integration of a female protagonist, the first in the “modern” history of the franchise, since. opus 1 has already been released choosing to include one of the four available women (out of eight letters in total).

As Jason Schreier explains, this option is straightforward Changes to Rockstar’s internal policy,”who have spent the last four years rethinking their corporate culture”. In particular, the studio wants to ban jokes about “marginalized groups” such as women, the LGBT+ community, non-white people with disabilities or disabilities.

Playing a woman in GTA: a big problem for some players

And as you can imagine, news does not only make people happy, as evidenced by an impressive number of negative and misogynistic views (spike) on Twitter and other social networks.

We end up with unmistakable effects of the type: “Damn, I don’t want to play a woman…”, “I’ve been waiting for this sequel for ten years and we’re announcing it? Fraud, we will clear every mission” or”We will no longer be able to create space”.

It must be remembered that Many successful video game franchises rely on strong female characters like The Last of Us Part II, Horizon games, the Tomb Raider saga, or even Control from the Finnish studio Remedy without forgetting Forspoken which should arrive next year on PS5. In other words, this controversy only shows the high masculinity of the GTA license, and it is not so bad that Rockstar has decided to stop it.