Green card insurance, a story over 70 years

Green card insurance, a story over 70 years

When the green insurance card should disappear “during 2023”, look back at its history and the reasons for its creation.

green insurance card it will disappear from the cars “time 2023”. This was revealed by this Tuesday September 20 Bruno Mayor. This follows a meeting with mutual insurance representatives, who have been calling for his removal for some time now.

Instead, law enforcement will put their checks on list of insured vehicles. The latter contains information related to contracts taken by the insured. Registration, insurance name, contract number and validity period are available there. It’s more central and fully computerized. Which makes it more efficient.

Police and soldiers are already used to using this document, instead of a sticker during inspections. The reason the insurers asked for its termination. This will allow especially saving sending 50 million documents every year.

Vignette verte, a story that began in 1949

So it will be the end of a history of more than 70 years. Indeed, we must first go back to 1949, to trace the history of the green card. The international meeting of insurance organizations in London this year adopted the recommendations of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Green card then international agreement between civil liability insurancefor car owners.

Two years later, in 1951, the first conference approved a model agreement between the Member States. The same level of “green cards” then it is passed. It replaces the old insurance certificate, known as the “yellow card”.

The green card is there but not on the windshield of the cars. It changes with Law of September 9, 1986, in France. The latter states that it is important that the insurance sticker is visible from the outside of the windshield. Under penalty of a fine of the second degree.

Note that in France, the number of insured vehicles is currently estimated at 40.9 million. The green card is issued by the central office of the country of insurance. The latter is valid for one year, in France.

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