grandma travels across Europe and celebrates her 103 years on a plane!

grandma travels across Europe and celebrates her 103 years on a plane!

A young woman, who is determined to fight against the isolation of the elderly, has published a book in which she recounts her road trip with her worldly grandmother!

Her doctors predicted that she would only have a few days to live, but Fiona Lauriol, the granddaughter of this cursed lady and the medical profession, set out to prevent this dire prognosis. And that’s what he did, taking his grandmother a long, long trip in a motor home through Europe, against all odds, against all odds.

The 102nd Festival

Therefore, in her book “101 years old, Grandma goes to the mop”, the girl describes how her grandmother, who was 101 years old at the time of departure, finally managed to f.enjoy your springs 102 and even 103 in the motorhome “between France, Spain or even Portugal and despite a broken nose and hail.” report our colleagues from France Bleu. A unique trip, which allowed this lady to live a good time, away from the white walls of the hospital: “She attended. his first concert in the Bardenas desert at the age of 102, performed by street musicians, etc. Every time he marveled at everything he had never seen” explained our colleagues. The young writer, who will send his book to Brigitte Macron hoping to get an appointment at the ‘Elysée, especially wishes his trip to give ideas to others: “Elders have a lot to teach us but in our societies we tend to isolate them and protect them too much, we forbid them to live with dignity”.

Posted on 08/01/2022 Updated 08/01/2022