Grand Prix Explorer: When Squeezie launches his Formula 4 GP

Grand Prix Explorer: When Squeezie launches his Formula 4 GP

Is it still necessary to submit reduceLucas Hauchard of his real name, who dominates the French YouTube channel in more than 16 million users ? Well-known in the video game scene, he has greatly changed his activities in recent years, especially with the release of books and cartoons. Its video content also changes over time, always delivering original and creative concepts.

After all, if there is one area that we could not imagine a videographer, it is car. However, it is really about Bugatti song what his next major event will be.

Recent entry to the song Squeezie (Credit: Symbol Production)

Grand Prix Explorer Project

The race will be announced on April 7, scheduled to take place Saturday, October 8, 2022. Until then, there are five preparation phases overseen by French Sports Federation as well as a graduation session awaiting guests. But who will be the participants?

Surely you know them, they know them the most influential content creators of the French event, be it on YouTube, Twitch or Instagram. It is in teams of two people that they will compete in a fairy tale Bugatti song of Le Mans on the wheel of a System 4 :

  • Stable 1: reduce & Gotaga
  • Stable 2: Depielo & Valouzz
  • Stable 3: Joyce & Theo Babac
  • Stable 4: xari & domingo
  • Stable 5: Amixem & Etienne Mustache
  • Stable 6: Djilsi and Manon (from chain tupande)
  • Article 7: The Bouseuh & Kaatsup
  • Stable 8: Sylvain & Pierre (from crankshaft)
  • Imara 9: Seb of Frite & Maxentius
  • Article 10: Deujna & Dobi
Bugatti Circle (Credit:

Bugatti Scheme with System 4, why this option?

F4 is an example of FIA which is becoming more democratic due to its availability compared to the classic System 1. Lots of great gifts amateur au semi-pro will use it this year according to Stefano DomenicaliPresident of the FIA.

The F4 is the first step in ensuring that drivers get the right foundation for their first one in the same seats, after leaving the karting.

Stefano Domenicali
System 4

Regarding the choice of cycle, why sacrifice yourself? Built in 1965, the organizers of the Bugatti circuit, among other things, the French Grand Prix. MotoGP and part of 24 Hours for Le Mans. It’s probably one of the most elegant and interesting songs in its layout, counting it turns five on the left and nine on the right for a length of 4.2km.

If Squeezie was able to discuss this land of story, it goes without saying that he could not choose any other. So it is in this cycle where the ten teams presented above will compete in the events which already promises to be unforgettable.

Kameto continues masterclass after masterclass. At LoL, his team works like thunder and during the Pixel War he was great. The Frenchman deserves congratulations and we are not the only ones who think so. The story of the round ball sent him a very good message!

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