Governor Rodrigo Garcia participated in the inauguration of the first Hyundai engine plant in South America.

Governor Rodrigo Garcia participated in the inauguration of the first Hyundai engine plant in South America.

The new unit in Piracicaba receives an investment of R$ 500 million from a South Korean car manufacturer and generates more than 250 jobs.

Governor Rodrigo Garcia participated last Tuesday (20), in Piracicaba, in the inauguration of the first Hyundai engine plant in South America. The South Korean automaker invested BRL 500 million in the new production line, which creates more than 250 jobs and has the capacity to produce 70,000 or more engines per year.

“Hyundai is now ten years old in our state, in our country and in Piracicaba. And there is nothing like celebrating ten years expanding the factory. Today, we are very happy as São Paulo and Brazilians for this expansion,” said Rodrigo. “This shows the confidence of South Korea and Hyundai in the future of the country and São Paulo. I am very happy to participate in this ceremony to show the respect, gratitude and satisfaction of the Government of São Paulo for having Hyundai in our region”, he added.

The project was supported by the State Government through InvestSP. The Paulista Agency for Promotion of Investment and Competition provided assistance to Hyundai in tax matters for the implementation of the new unit.

“InvestSP has an excellent and lasting relationship with Hyundai. We support the construction of a car factory in Piracicaba with modern projects. The new engine factory is a fact to be celebrated by the car industry and will have an incredible impact on the economic development of the region, generate jobs and income. São Paulo supports the new plan and thanks Hyundai for its trust,” said InvestSP president, Antonio Imbassahy.

The event also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company’s operations in Brazil and São Paulo. Since the company’s arrival in Piracicaba, Hyundai’s total investment has exceeded 1 billion US dollars, equivalent to more than 5 billion dollars, generating 23 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

In addition to the configuration of the car plant for the production of the HB20, in 2012, InvestSP also supported Hyundai in expanding the production model of the Crete SUV. The Piracicaba unit has already manufactured more than 1.7 million vehicles and has the capacity to produce up to 210,000 units per year.

“Our new engine plant has a high degree of automation in its processes, providing the flexibility needed to adapt production lines in a rapid manner. In addition to the new jobs created, we have contributed positively to other areas of our local community. We work collaboratively and universities and technical schools in programs for the exchange of skills and knowledge, sharing our equipment, parts and engines with these institutions to support the development of students and professionals of the future, “says Ken Ramirez, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor for Brazil and. Central and South America.

The regions of Piracicaba and Campinas are among the main industrial centers of São Paulo and Brazil, with more than 16 billion dollars in investments announced by InvestSP since 2019. The attractions are privileged facilities, with easy access to important highways, Rooanel and to Viracopos airport; the provision of qualified work, with universities and a wide network of technical and technological education; and innovation support, and several centers and research centers. (From the newsroom website Notícia de Limeira)