GoodPlanet Foundation’s young biodiversity explorers, August 13, 2022, Paris.

Mini Biodiversity Explorers August 13 – 21 GoodPlanet Foundation

Accompanied by a mediator, the children walk through the forest and discover the biodiversity of the Domaine de Longchamp park.

GoodPlanet Foundation 1 Carrefour de Longchamp 75116 Paris Paris 16th Arrondissement Paris 92150 Paris Île-de-France
01 48 42 01 01 In May 2017, the GoodPlanet Foundation led by Yann Arthus-Bertrand opened Domaine de Longchamp, the first place in Paris dedicated to ecology and solidarity. Inside a 19th-century castle and a 3.5-hectare wooded park, the Foundation invites the general public every weekend to explore a social, environmental or solidarity theme through workshops, conferences, exhibitions or concerts completely free of charge. Its purpose: to give everyone the tools and means to understand and act at their own level.

Accompanied by a mediator, the bout’choux pick up pebbles and place their hands on the ground to dislodge the small creatures hiding around them. Using a magnifying glass and a telescope, children will discover all the secrets of living things!

Workshop from age 6. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

An opportunity to discover the unique positions of the GoodPlanet Foundation:

3.5 hectares of unspoiled nature with its educational vegetable garden, its beehives, its outdoor photo exhibitions, its works of art, its lawn and its terrace: it is a great place to come and have a picnic with family or friends.

Our educational path crosses a defined section of trees, unique to
Paris allow everyone to discover the local biodiversity and the way
save it. At the bend in the path, stop at our cabin
forest turned into a cooperative library.

A rare place in Paris where, surrounded by centuries-old trees, visitors
they can enjoy our concerts, our conferences or relax around a drink or an organic, local and seasonal small plate, prepared by our Food Truck “Coup d’Jus”.

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Stéphane Lanoux