good news for drivers?

good news for drivers?

Although the region and the mayors of certain local areas express their reservations, the ZTL of Paris may finally be placed in the center of the city.

ZTL. This acronym can mean anything to you. However, if you are a car driver in Paris and your daily life is not already difficult enough, knowing that it does not make good sense. Indeed, these three letters mean “Hidden Traffic Zone”. Project the aim of reducing the presence of cars in the capital.

It would just be ban transit traffic, that’s all. A unique project! At present, the area defended by the City of Paris would be surrounded in the center of Paris. But also a a broad band arranged on the left bank. The last concern especially north of boulevard Saint-Germain.

“Stupid Project”

Except that fortunately for consumers, this municipal idea comes against reservations. The region is resistant to that, as are the mayors of the Vᵉ, VIᵉ and VIIᵉ arrondissements.. The arguments presented are those traffic reports and negative impact on economic activity of the capital city.

The opposition will not mince words. “This decision to put Boulevard Saint-Germain in a two-way direction is stupid project which the police region will not give its agreement! » independent Jean-Pierre Lecoq, LR mayor of VIᵉ, at Parisian. It would be creating a permanent blockage and further contamination, continues the one who encouraged Anne Hidalgo a year ago to abandon the project in her area. Call connected with Rachida Dati, VIIᵉ judge.

ZTL only for Paris-Center only?

Therefore, the municipality is considering abandoning the ZTL project on the left bank, for limit to Paris Station. “ZTL will see the light of day, but maybe in a smaller format than was provided in the project designslide to Parisian Assistant to Anne Hidalgo (PS).

Yes to say without Vᵉ, VIᵉ and VIIᵉ arrondissements, he continues. What would it include “The first step. » The region will seem to be able to accept such a project “If we reduce its sector to the Center of Paris, estimate the interlocutor. If you have to go through that…”

Still, the Paris police chief has changed. Didier Lallement has made way for Laurent Nuñez. The latter has a special purpose to calm the relationship between the State and the City of Paris. And he “it takes time to read this technical file. »

Still on the side of the government, Elisabeth Borne can be a great help to the City of Paris. As the Minister of Transport, he was right he supported Anne Hidalgo in her decision to close the beaches. Then he said that “The meaning of history is reduce car space in cities“.

This did not prevent the closure of these roads total fiasco in terms of pollution and traffic problems. Still, David Belliard, assistant (EELV) of Anne Hidalgo, hears relaunching the discussion at the beginning of the school year. And start a discussion about this project. »

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