Goat Simulator 3 minigames can be played anywhere on the map

Goat Simulator 3 minigames can be played anywhere on the map

Shooting pedestrians or blowing things up is always fun, but sometimes you just want more variety. In the upcoming Goat Simulator 3, this comes in the form of seven mini-games. Unsurprisingly, these games are pretty weird and border on parody, like Hoofball which plays like Rocket League in clogs, and Headsplat which seems to have borrowed a brush or two from Splatoon.

But what sets minigames apart from their inspirations is that they can be played anywhere on the big map. This makes some events unpredictable, Santiago Ferrero, creative director at Coffee Stain North, told us during Gamescom:

“Minigames are a new feature of multiplayer sessions. We have seven different ones. They’re like short and fun PvP minigames like The Floor is Lava and Hoofball, which is basically soccer. These can be played anywhere in the world. Wherever you decide , can be triggered, so it creates this weird situation in the crazy part that’s really weird, and cars hit you, or [vous pourriez jouer] somewhere for a lot, and it works perfectly. So we let the players decide how much they want to play minigames. »

If mini-games aren’t your cup of tea, Coffee Stain North has also included a story mode that unfolds gradually as you and your friends complete tasks.

“Basically it is a goat to create a secret society of goats. The goat towers are the entrance to the hidden throne room. And in that tower of the goat, there is a door that is closed with all chains. And the more you get and do more things in the world, the more that chain is removed until you open the door and there is an end,” explains Santiago Ferrero.

Goat Simulator 3 is out November 17 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. You can watch our full interview with Santiago Ferrero below.