GMC Hummer EV mocks rivals in media center icons

GMC Hummer EV mocks rivals in media center icons

The trucking market in the United States is an interesting one. There are families who only buy from one brand and defend it to death. The new electric pickup GMC Hummer EV has brought this competition to the car and hides several provocations for its competitors hidden in the multimedia center.

These teasers were not released by General Motors officially, but youtuber Doug DeMuro he showed them in his detailed review of the Hummer EV. They are hidden in icons that the truck owner can select for configurable assist functions.


Tesla, Ford and Ram are Hummer’s targets

The list of icons is wide and funny: it has drawings of a flying GMC Hummer EV, under water, with headlights and even an ejector bank. The first teaser we see in the video is a rendering of the Tesla Cybertruck, a rival that has been presented before but has yet to begin production.

Ram and Ford are represented by the dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor respectively – the 711 hp Ram TRX is named after the T-Rex and the Ford F-150 Raptor is named after the dinosaur. In one icon, a Hummer falls from the sky like a meteor, to make these “dinosaurs” disappear. In another, an electric figure revives and throws mud at a Tyrannosaurus.

There are other humorous icons, such as the Loch Ness monster, a giant foot and a switch between current and live stream that imitates the logo of the band AC/DC. Now it awaits consumer reception to find out if the Hummer EV will really kill the dinosaurs with combustion and put them in the mud.

Americans are at war with pick-up trucks, Boris tells more about:

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