“Giving special measures would be discriminatory and unfair”

“Giving special measures would be discriminatory and unfair”

The new tax levied on private owners of vans and cars in Wallonia continues to fuel debate, including political ones. Adrien Dolimont, Walloon Budget Minister, spoke on this topic.

Our Belgian colleagues from RTBF report the remarks of the Walloon Budget Minister who spoke in the committee of the regional parliament about new, high taxes, which now affect private owners of recreational vehicles in the Walloon region.

Motorhomes … utility vehicles, more fun!

Responding to the leader of the EngagĂ©s group François Desquesnes, who strongly opposed this law, Adrien Dolimont took this position: “To give a specific measure to one type of use, i.e. motor homes, would be grossly discriminatory and unfair.. purchases of motorhomes (sic!) will generally be subject to normal motor vehicle tax. But I can also understand that among all users of utility vehicles, who may also be affected in the future by this change in the law. Going back specifically to one category of service will immediately result in discrimination that is unacceptable, neither legally nor morally..”

Posted on 09/21/2022 Updated 09/21/2022