Gisele Bündchen’s husband’s Cadillac Escalade is sold in the United States for R.6 million |  cars

Gisele Bündchen’s husband’s Cadillac Escalade is sold in the United States for R$1.6 million | cars

In 2017, Tom Brady signed on to be the poster boy for Aston Martin. But the soccer star and He is married to the Brazilian Gisele Bündchen they wore a Cadillac Escalade (heavily modified, let’s say) to move around, let’s say, more comfortably.

Moving out of town after leaving the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the player is selling his only child. 21 thousand kilometers traveled. Price? same as BRL 1.6 million. That’s because it still has a discount of almost R$ 300 thousand.

The interior is spacious, luxurious and technological (Credit: Becker Automotive Design) — Photo: Auto Esporte

“It is not easy to say goodbye to a car that has been my sanctuary since the first day due to the noise outside. I take pride in choosing all the customization, from the seats to the color of the rug. With little time on my schedule, the SUV gave me a few extra minutes to study my movements, make phone calls, and be with my family. I hope the next owner takes good care of it. I will always be a part of the Brady family“. These are the words given to the player in the car sales ad.

Individual seats and pampering were customized by the player (Production: Becker Automotive Design) – Photo: Auto Esporte

Caddy went through the hands Becker Automotive Design. A California company specializing in customization fulfilled Brady’s request and the first change was to stretch Large organization by 50 cm (that’s because the wheelbase is only 3.30 meters) and extend the doors for easy access. Another change was the height of the ceiling by more than 12 cm ━ remember that Brady is 1.93 meters.

inside, The rate of it boasts luxury and looks like a private jet. It takes five passengers, but there are two individual seats with a quality finish, and six electrical modifications and a built-in leg rest. Two folding tables have wooden accents.

Brady has been contracted to Aston Martin since 2017 and parades in a DB11 (Image: Disclosure) – Image: Auto Esporte

One 32″ TV and other 12” screens were installed to ensure in-flight entertainment, along with an internet router to keep occupants connected. the engine is fine 6.2 liter V8 natural desire to come out 426 hp and more than 60 kgfm of torque.