Gironde: What you need to know about the return of the Cadillac show this weekend

Gironde: What you need to know about the return of the Cadillac show this weekend

In Cadillac, exhibitions have returned after two years of absence due to health problems. (© Margot Delpech / The Republican)

Absence for two years due to health problems, major Cadillac (Gironde) exhibitions, which has been going on since 1951, finds its quarter in a completely new structure. And the event promises to be amazing: funfairfashion show, DJ, casual car show, garage sales, empty dressing room, fan… Cadillac city hall is waiting for 3,000 attendees. Here is everything you need to know before you go there.

Friday evening: the opening of the funfair

The show is moving to Cadillac on Wednesday afternoon.  In two days, it is the opening of the festival and carnival.
The show is moving to Cadillac on Wednesday afternoon. In two days, it is the opening of the festival and carnival. (© Republican)

The tournament will be hosted by the exhibition grounds on Friday evening, with the arrival of many riders, then the bastide should be in full swing until Sunday evening.

Mayor Jocelyn Doré is pleased:

“Over 2 and a half years without the possibility of organizing these festive gatherings, yes, it is finally a big return. This weekend, we will get the spirit of yesterday’s ceremony in which Cadillacs and Cadillacs are connected!”

Jocelyn DoreCadillac Mayor (Gironde)

Next to him, the festival’s superintendent, Bernard Dréau. The second deputy mayor was able to unite parties and businessmen around him to give a completely different image to this historic exhibition. He humbly acknowledges:

“Many initiatives have been taken by local executives, which simplifies the work. They will have a public domain on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, these exhibitions are no longer commercial … People are changing and we have to come up with a new structure with new events and parties.”

Bernard DreauThe Second Deputy Mayor, in charge of organizing the exhibition.

Saturday: fireworks, marching band, parade, dj …

Starting at 3.30am, Cadillac-Béguey fans and fans will unveil the ball on Saturday, April 30, before the arrival of the Cadillac Traders and Artists Union who are organizing a fashion show at Place de la Republic. Children, women, men, and many other amazing things will celebrate the parade. The DJ will host the evening until 1 p.m.

“There will be cuts at 11pm to watch fireworks from the sports arena, emphasizes Bernard Dréau. It is partially funded by the city hall and theater. »

That is, on Saturday morning, the weekly market is maintained and the bastide will be closed to traffic. To the delight of the celebrants, public spaces will be reserved for pedestrians until Sunday evening.

Video: is currently in Actu

Sunday: old cars, garage sales, garage sales

The next day, Sunday, May 1, the banquet continues. More than 300 collectors’ cars are expected on the Remparts shores thanks to the participation of the Retro-Passion of 2 Rives party which knew how to collect the largest collectors around it. At about 5pm, a beauty pageant will be held to determine the winner of the show. Also, “those who have been faithful from the beginning” will be present, said the mayor, without mentioning Renault and Citroën.

Meanwhile, the Showroom party, which brings together Cadillac craftsmen and designers, is preparing the market at the bottom of the hall. Additionally, Place de la Liberation, you can enjoy garage sales and garage sales. Needless to say, everyone will find what they are looking for.

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