Giants were judged out there;  solar investment;  Tesla truck

Giants were judged out there; solar investment; Tesla truck

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Environmental disasters in Brazil are judged abroad

The opening of the case against the mining company BHP Billiton for the bursting of the Mariana dam (MG) in the British court put Brazil in the wrong in the fields of law and environment. The decision sets a precedent for victims of environmental disasters caused by a multinational company to seek redress in the host country, where the law can be more restrictive and the power of public opinion greater – affecting investment decisions and distribution of dividends. There are still few cases, but the laws adopted by the European Union allow these processes, which annually move around 40 billion dollars. The case of Mariana can increase to more than 7 billion US dollars.

Brazil reached 17 GW of solar energy

Brazil has crossed the mark of 17 gigawatts (GW) of installed solar energy, a source that since February this year has grown by 1 gigawatt per month, informed the Brazilian Solar Energy Association (Absolar). According to Absolar, Brazil generated 90 billion BRL in new investments, 24.6 billion BRL of which in tax collection, after generating more than 510 thousand jobs since 2012. It also avoided the emission of 25.5 million tons of CO.two in electricity production.

The ABC+ program will be implemented in September

The Sectoral Plan for Adapting to Climate Change and Low Carbon Emissions in Agriculture (ABC+) for the period 2020-2030 will be implemented – from 1 September.

The decree defining the sectoral policy – designed to reduce carbon emissions by the Brazilian agricultural sector through incentives and incentives for environmental technologies – was published in Official Journal of the Union This Thursday (11) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa). According to the ministry, the ABC+ program aims to “promote adaptation to climate change and the control of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Brazilian agriculture, by increasing the efficiency and resilience of production systems, based on integrated landscape management rural”.


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AES buys Cubico wind farms for BRL 2 billion

A 100% renewable energy generator, AES is buying three wind assets from Cubico Sustainable Investments in Brazil. The three plants – Ventos do Araripe (PI), Caetés (PE) and Cassino (RS) – have a combined production capacity of 456 MW. This is AES’ second acquisition of Cubico. The first transaction took place in 2020, when the company paid more than BRL 800 million for two wind farms. Now the company is buying the last three parks. The plants have a total of 244 turbines from Gamesa and GE, the same models already operated by AES. The new structures are contracted in the regulated market until 2035 and represent a 62% increase in wind capacity in operation.

Tesla’s electric truck will be on the road

Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk announced on his Twitter that the company’s semi-electric truck will be on the road later this year. The car, known as the Tesla Semi, was announced in 2017 and was planned for 2019. According to the publication of the billionaire, the range will be around 500 miles, which will be equivalent to 800 kilometers to travel on a single charge. Orders for Tesla have been placed since the inception of the project. For marketing reasons, PepsiCo is one of the main candidates to receive the new car directly.


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Purcom launches soybean and castor dome for construction

In collaboration with the North American Mammoth-Structures, the Brazilian company Purcom Química developed a vegetable polyurethane formulation to compose building modules in the form of a dome, which offers economic and environmental benefits for the installation of schools, medical clinics and facilities of entertainment. The project will be offered as an ecological solution in Brazil and abroad. According to the information, each circular structure is 48mtwo area (7.35 meters in diameter x 5 meters in length) and can be assembled by two people in just 4 hours. The boards are made from castor oil or soybean oil – virgin or recycled – and isocyanate from an alternative source. The product promises to meet all the sustainability (ESG) requirements of the circular economy. From an economic point of view, the Brazilians would win, as the formula would be transported to the United States by a transformer guaranteed by Mammoth, which is located in Miami.

Marcopolo starts electricity production

Bus manufacturer Marcopolo is starting production of the company’s flagship Attivi series this month. The model is the first bus of the brand with its own chassis and 100% electric motorization. By the end of this year, 30 vehicles will be produced with different configurations to meet the needs of different regions in the country. The company is betting on national technology for Attivi. “For several years now, we have been involved in different projects for vehicles that use fuel obtained from renewable sources. Clean technology is a global trend and being part of the creation of a national electric bus appreciates our engineering”, Marcopolo CEO James Bellini said.

Who will attend ESG Day 2 of MONEY REPORT

MONEY STATEMENT Seminar | The Second Agenda of the ESG Day, which will take place on August 24 (Wednesday), will once again address the most urgent issues of environmental, social and corporate governance. Among the confirmed participants are panelists Daniel Randon (President of Randon), Karina Lima (Vice President of Salesforce), Rafael Tello (Sustainability Director of Ambipar), Rodrigo Figueiredo (Vice President of Sustainability at Ambev) and Sebastian Soares (Partner of management at KPMG. in Brazil) – in the panel above -, with presenters Cassio Pantaleoni (AVP digital sales experience Latam at Adobe), Claudia Martinez (consultant at Idea Maker), Daniela Pedroza (Executive Director at Ambipar VG) , Fábio Baracat (CEO of Sinerlog), Marcelo Cohen (CEO of BeFly), Rafael Segrera (CEO of Schneider Electric Latin America) and Vittorio Danesi (CEO of Simpress), mediated by Aluizio Falcão Filho ( publisher of MONEY REPORT).