Get reimbursed up to €40 in voucher fees

Get reimbursed up to €40 in voucher fees

The Géant Casino retail brand, refunds from Friday to next Sunday up to 40€ of road tax fees.

The Géant Casino brand will exchange your tax ticket, up to €40, for a voucher until this Sunday if you buy at least €100 worth of tournaments in one of its participating stores. Therefore, after its “Fuel at €0.85 per liter” operations under the conditions that have marked the last months of the Casino brand, the retail specialist is now offering until next Sunday to receive payment documents for up to €40 of their tax costs used on our highways.

40€ refunded from 100€ of purchase

In fact, Casino promises to refund up to €40 in fees, including collecting various tickets for dates from Friday July 28 to Sunday July 31, once the customer has used a value of less than 100 euros in one of the stores of goods in France. The Géant Casino operation, which will last until next Sunday, works both ways, whether it is going out or coming back. For sure, there will be people this weekend shopping at the Casino…

Posted on 07/29/2022 Updated 07/29/2022