Germanic Group, in collaboration with VW and Raízen, uses renewable energy

Germanic Group, in collaboration with VW and Raízen, uses renewable energy

Collaboration between Volkswagen to Brazil and the root development and use of Alternative energy for decarbonization of automotive industry: the first contract signed between concessionaires of German grouplocated in Mogi Mirim – SP, and Raízen for the distribution of the generation of clean energyreduce carbon emissions and costs and energy.

“Oh German group is the largest group in the interior of the state of São Paulo and the second largest group in the country by brand and this plan is another step, within our strategy. Zero Pathin bringing not only carbon removal solutions to our products and factories, but also working effectively to reduce the impact on the environment, also from our network of With concessions. We are already in partnership with the rootin this process of covering the entire network, which includes about 500 units”, important things Roger CorassaVice President of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen to Brazil.

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The unit of German grouplocated in Mogi Mirim, the eastern region of the state of São Paulo, is the first to use it clean energy and renewable arising from biogasthus avoiding the emission of 29 tons of carbon in five years. In addition, the unit will be able to save from 10% to 23% on the electricity bill per year, depending on the tariff flag, with the Distributed Generation solution from. the root.

“For us, being the pioneers in this replacement is very important, because in addition to contributing to the removal of carbon, we encourage other groups to follow the same path and by reducing costs significantly”, he emphasizes. Evandro Garmscontrolling shareholder of German group.

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Focus on the national distributed generation market, the the root produces its energy through renewable sources, such as the sun, waste from beet and other pure matrices. “THE the root has a complete portfolio of solutions in it Alternative energy for all customer needs, always consider efficiency and sustainability. Collaboration with Volkswagen includes various solutions for carbon removal for the whole sequence automotive industryfrom production to its sales channels, as it is now, to meet German group through the Distributed Generation”, he concludes Rafael RebelloDirector of Solutions Energy and Raízen of Renewables.

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