German Car 2022: 5 Best Cars in Germany

German Car 2022: 5 Best Cars in Germany

What are the best cars in Germany at the moment? The answer is given by a popular award “German Annual Car 2022”(GCOTY). Now they are standing class winner Celebration. All new vehicles available in Germany over the past 12 months are considered, which are selected by a jury of 20 recognized journalists. These categories range from small to luxury cars and luxury to electric and performance cars.

Winners of the German Car Class of the Year 2022

For the winners of the individual classes of “German Annual Car 2022“Changes are noticeable: 3 out of 5 winners are fully automated electric vehicles. The division into appropriate categories depends on the basic price of the car. Many factors such as design, driving pleasure, suitability for everyday use, ecological features, comfort on board, safety, sustainability and price / performance ratio are also included in the evaluation.

But that is only the first step: the winners of the fifth grade are after extensive testing German Annual Car 2022 to determine. The overall winner will be announced in late November 2021.

Peugeot 308: German Car 2020 – winner of the “Compact” class (up to 25,000 euros)

In the most occupied category compact class up to a base price of 25,000 euros, new Peugeot 308 to the top. Opel Mokka and Skoda Fabia follow in second and third place. Among other things, the Peugeot 308 impresses with its amazing design, ease of driving and a wide range of excellent gasoline, diesel and plug-in engines, which at market launch power range from 81 kW / 110 hp to 165 kW / 225. hp In addition, there are high quality and modern technologies in the interior. The Peugeot 308 is on the price list from 23,700 euros.

Kia EV6: German Car 2020 – winner of the “Premium” class (up to 50,000 euros)

inside of part of the premium that of all electricity goes up to a basic price of 50,000 euros Kia EV6 won and won against the Hyundai Ioniq 5 which is technically similar to the Skoda Enyaq. In addition to the power range from 125 kW / 170 hp to 239 kW / 325 hp, the Kia EV6 offers one of the longest integrated circuits between electric vehicles with up to 528 km (77.4 kWh batteries and 168 kW / 229 hp). Due to the standard 800 volt charging technology, the EV6 can be charged from 10 to 80 percent within 18 minutes at a fast charging station. In addition, the EV6’s slightly sporty upgrade compared to the Hyundai Ioniq 5 ensures more comfortable driving. There are also a variety of recent support, information technology and comfort on board. The basic equipment is already costing 44,990 euros.

Audi e-tron GT: German Car of 2022 – winner of class “Luxury” (over 50,000 euros)

That part of luxury fully electric cars also rule: in the 1st position of Audi e-tron GT, followed by BMW i4 and Mercedes-Benz EQS. The Audi e-tron GT, which is available for either 350 kW / 476 hp or 440 kW / 598 hp from EUR 101,600, is very eye-catching with its sporty and stylish design. But this great luxury tourist is attracted not only by its luxurious, comfortable interior, but also by its impressive speed and sharp handling. The maximum power is up to 488 kilometers. Thanks to 800 volt charging technology, charging from 5 to 80 percent takes less than 23 minutes under favorable conditions at a fast charging station.

Hyundai Ioniq 5: Germany’s Best Car 2022 – Winner of “New Energy” Class A Winner

From the point of view of a electric cars he has Hyundai Ioniq 5 as the winner of New Energy Unit front Audi e-tron GT and Kia EV6. Ioniq 5 is available from 41,900 euros and, depending on the configuration, reaches a system output of 125 kW / 170 hp to 225 kW / 305 hp. In addition, there is a combined array of up to 481 km (72.6 kWh batteries and 160 kW / 217 hp). Using 800 volt technology, this electric car can be charged from 10 to 80 percent within 18 minutes at convenient fast charging stations. With its cool design, the Ioniq 5 stands out from the crowd, and is also impressive with its unusual hospitality features, great comfort, high quality and plenty of space in the interior. Modern driver assistance systems have successfully completed the process.

Porsche 911 GT3: German Car 2022 – winner of class “Performance”

510 hp, from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 320 km / h (318 km / h and dual clutch transmission): new Porsche 911 GT3 represents a brilliant driving machine, which is perfectly suited for running and handling and performance, but can also be operated in everyday life without any problems. Modern aerodynamics benefit from the experience gained in motor racing. In the operating position, for example, manual adjustable wings and distributor components significantly increase low aerodynamic force at high speed to hold angles. The Porsche 911 GT3 leads the Audi e-tron GT and BMW-Alpina B8 Gran Coupé up to 2nd and 3rd place in the major leagues. performance category of the German Vehicle of 2022. Porsche 911 GT3 is available from 175,848 euros.

German Car of the Year: This is why this award enjoys top notch recognition

For “German Annual Car“is a coveted award which is not given by journals and journals, but by a an independent, non-profit organization – and that is exactly what ensures a high level of acceptance. “German annual carby AITASTIC consulting company and Bridgestone companies, KST and ZF Friedrichshafen engine pilots.

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