Genesis X Speedium concept, why is it more important than you think?

Genesis X Speedium concept, why is it more important than you think?

The beginning it is revisiting its X concept that was launched in 2021 and is offering a “quick” version there New York Exhibition. of X Speedium it also introduces a key design element that will be used on all future electronics of the brand.

As part of the New York Auto Show festivities, luxury car maker Genesis took the opportunity to revisit one of its flagship concepts for 2021, the X. now called the X Speedium. Even if we firmly see the link between the two deductions, two points make it possible to distinguish them well. While the 2021 X would serve as the basis for the new generation G90, the X Speedium will serve as the anchor for all future electric products from Genesis.

It is not the car itself that will be used as a base, but rather the style of the grille, especially the two pieces of characteristic LED lights that will continue their course also to define the grille. Therefore, in an almost uninterrupted stroke, these pieces of light will start from the brackets that will go around the entire front of the cars. It’s nothing new or technologically advanced, but it will allow Genesis to have its own visual signature when it comes to electric vehicles. The GV60 will be the brand’s first electric product, but it won’t benefit from it as it will arrive in stores in the coming weeks. Since we are in a Genesis environment, however we can expect a quick revival to update it; Same story for the electric GV70 and G80. In this regard, the manufacturer, like several others, insists that its entire range, made up of 6 different models, will be fully electric from 2030.

As for the electric GV70, Genesis took the opportunity of the New York Auto Show to announce that it will be the first product of the brand to be assembled in the United States on the assembly line in Montgomery, Alabama, starting in December 2022.

To return specifically to the X Speedium, in the evolution of the X, we also see that the silhouette leaves its traditional three-box configuration for a roof line that is more reduced in the “fastback”. In harmony with the lines, there is a slight distortion at the end of the trunk that adds strength and beauty to this version of the X. The lights, formed by two thin lines, are still a design element of the Genesis.

For the Genesis chief designer, the renowned Luc Donckerwolke, the Speedium X is “a beautiful window on the future design of the electric Genesis. He adds enthusiastically, “This is not a show car, it is a look into our design process that explores ideas of the next wave of electric vehicles, which will embody the Genesis DNA.” Basically, this is the definition of what the concept is: the interpretation of the future either in terms of technology or design!