Genesis, Via Luz and WEG describe their investments and activities in Health

Genesis, Via Luz and WEG describe their investments and activities in Health

With a strong and efficient performance in the equipment industry, the companies Genesis, Via Luz and WEG provide services to the healthcare market that are complementary to the hospital structure. The three companies together participated in a direct Design and Construction special in Focus, to accurately describe the performance of each one in health.

João Galdino, CEO and founder of Genesis

The start-up aims to develop engineering systems in the clinical area, maintenance of construction work and equipment. João Galdino, CEO and founder of the company, explains that he has been working in the hospital sector for a long time and has clients all over Brazil.

“We work in the area of ​​clinical engineering and design in the works. We have more than 150 systems implemented in Brazil and more than 13 thousand users are using these systems. In addition, we are strengthening the concept of engineering 4.0”, says Galdino.

For an entrepreneur, one of the biggest obstacles in a hospital is electrical medical products and, often, management does not monitor these costs sufficiently. Genesis emerged precisely to solve this problem.

“Research we’ve done shows that a project with a full team of engineers can reduce up to 35% of hospital spending on maintenance and repair of medical equipment.”

Genesis, Via Luz and WEG describe their investments and activities in Saúde 2
Fernando Botten, CEO of Via Luz

Via Luz is a company specialized in lighting for hospital environments. CEO Fernando Botten bets on two basic concepts of lighting in the industry. The first is to create light that does not affect the examination of the patient, since lights can change the tone of the skin and this serves as an important indicator of certain pathologies.

Another key feature of Via Luz is the integration of lighting procurement processes with one company – handling one CNPJ and also ensuring the completion of the products that make up the hospital’s lighting trousseau.

Finally, WEG, a Brazilian international organization that is celebrating 60 years, operates in several areas in the field of electrical equipment. One of them is in the area of ​​health and infrastructure, where Paulo Ciboto is the manager of the industrial business center in hospital electrical solutions.

He says that in sockets and switches, for example, WEG has developed products with antibacterial and virucidal action.

“This avoids infection and is the only solution of this kind in Brazil with a proven action against Covid-19, according to the Unicamp Virology Laboratory.”

Genesis, Via Luz and WEG explain their investments and activities in Health 3
Paulo Ciboto, manager of WEG’s industrial business center for hospital electrical solutions

In addition to IT Medico 4.0 solutions adopted for the new digital concept, the company also has a variety of products to serve the entire electrical infrastructure of Health, from the entry of energy and the substation, through the distribution of medium and low voltage and transformers. , for electrical panels, UPS protected busbars.

Ciboto also points out that WEG has an investment plan that is more dedicated to technology. One of them is cloud-based information and digital solutions. “This enables the work of professionals from any part of the company who receive on their mobile phones what is happening.”

You can find this article and more in issue 35 of the HealthARQ Journal.