‘Genesis’ Novel: Judah Shocks Father Jacob by Revealing Joseph Is Alive

‘Genesis’ Novel: Judah Shocks Father Jacob by Revealing Joseph Is Alive

In the last part of the novel “The Beginning”Jacó (Petronio Gontijo) goes discover that José (Juliano Laham) is alive and he became the governor of Egypt, he expects clean people. The father of the nation who dies at the age of 147 learns the truth after other children go to the country of Sheshi (Fernando Pavão) to look for food due to the drought that is affecting the area.

Originally these events were part of chapter 149, but Record TV has been stretching the plot on air and tonight (25) number 200 will fly. When they return to the camp, Judah (Thiago Rodrigues) and his brothers opened the game. to Jacob. “What we have to say is our business”, says the widow of Muriel (Rhaisa Batista) in front of her father, who asks about Benjamin (Marcos Bessa) – the youngest will not be in this sequence set in the old man’s tent.

“It’s because I want to tell you. Please listen to me father. It’s just that … our brother … José … is not dead”, says Judah and leaves his father without understanding. “When we brought him his coat, with blood, so you would think he had been eaten by an animal … that’s not what happened”, continues Simeão’s brother (Igor Cotrim).

‘Genesis’ novel: Jacob is shocked to learn that Joseph is alive

In a choked voice, Judah reveals that Joseph was sold as a field slave to an Ishmaelite. “We did this evil and we hid you”, confesses Er’s father (Tiago Marques), who died during an argument with his father. “Judas cannot hold back his tears, then wipes them away, trying hard to tell his father everything. Jacob says nothing, expecting the worst,” the text asks.

“No one spoke the truth before because of … fear. But now you need to know why … Joseph is alive and he is the governor of all Egypt”, continues Judah leaving his father in shock. “Father, have you heard? José is alive. He is in Egypt. We talked to him, we ate at his house. José is alive, Father”, insists Rúben (Felipe Cunha).

‘The Beginning’ novel: Jacob feels sick and scares his children

At that moment, Jacob begins to feel bad, scaring his children, who do everything to help the hundred years. “Better put him down”, ponders Issacar (Patrick Sampaio). “Someone calls her Zilpa (Karina Barum)!”, points out Zebulom (Maurício Pitanga). “Father! Please father!”, calls Naftali (Ricardo Vianna).

The situation scares Levi (Gustavo Rodrigues), who questions what they did while Jacob looks disbelieving. Then the brothers take Jacob outside the tent to show the types of vehicles that were taken at Joseph’s command.