Genesis and Hyundai offer the most convenient technology for consumers, according to JD Power

Genesis and Hyundai offer the most convenient technology for consumers, according to JD Power

In-car technology is now at the center of car buyers’ attention. The ease of use of this technology therefore becomes an important factor in the purchase of a car. Not everyone is successful at the same level.

JD Power offers research on this subject

According to JD Power’s 2022 Tech Experience Index (TXI) study, few vehicle components show as much variation between manufacturers as technology in terms of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100). This study measures the ease of use of in-car technology. Although many vehicles offer comparable technology, some products make it easier to use this technology. The top two manufacturers in the survey this year are Genesis in luxury brands and Hyundai in premium brands.

Some technologies do not have space

Some technologies such as signal controllers are not attractive to owners because of their poor performance, writes JD Power. The research firm found, however, that dealers showing how technology works, especially if the technology is new, can have a big impact on how satisfied customers are with it. After Hyundai and Genesis, it should be noted that GM also did well in the test, with Cadillac coming in second place in the innovation ranking. Buick and GMC, meanwhile, ranked third and fourth (behind Hyundai and Kia) in mass market share.

35 technologies analyzed

The study tested 35 automotive technologies divided into four categories: convenience, emerging mechanics, energy and sustainability, and infotainment and connectivity. The study is based on responses from 84,165 owners of model cars in 2022 after 90 days of ownership.

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