Fuel prices: Diesel over 2 euros – new increase approaching

Fuel prices: Diesel over 2 euros – new increase approaching

The price of diesel and gasoline has dropped again

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Based on consumer information service evaluation The trick of filling the oil (belonging to the AUTO BILD group) was the Super E10 in April on average at 1.9747 euros per liter – and thus about 10 cents lower than in March. Filling four 60-liter tanks each costs 473.93 euros. Approximately 487.15 euros were paid for the same amount of diesel. Because one liter still costs around 2,0298 euros on average, about 11 cents less than last month.

What affects fuel prices?

Corona’s closure in China and rising US interest rates sparked speculation about the recession – which put oil prices under pressure and also the release of strategic oil reserves by the International Energy Agency (IEA). At the same time, however, there were concerns over distribution sanctions due to Western sanctions against Russia.

“Russia is the third largest oil producer in the world. Ukraine’s war has therefore been closely linked to fears of a failure to supply Russia since its inception,” says Steffen Bock, founder and CEO of Clever. refueling This fear is reflected in the stock market as well as in the pump.

How are oil prices going?

Drive on a gas pump

Visiting a petrol station at the moment is very painful for many drivers.

Clever founder Tanken Bock is also optimistic: “More events in the Ukraine crisis will also determine the price of crude oil and hence the price at the pump in May.” In addition, according to the oil company Opec +, it cannot replace Russia’s production standards, and China is easing severe corona measures in the country in some areas. “All of this suggests that German drivers in May will have to adjust to prices. as high as April Desire.

Price shock that has never been done in March

At least the price shock from March 2022 has failed. Clever Tanken determined a monthly average of around 2.0697 euros per liter of Super E10 for a horrible month – about 32 cents more than in February. Per liter diesel female drivers paid an average of around 2.1441 euros and thus about 47 cents more than last month.

Oil price development Leader
In March 2022, the price of gasoline and especially diesel recorded an unprecedented increase.

“The highest average prices were called for both types of oil Clever add oil is determined, “Bock said. The records began in June 2012.

One liter of diesel is 83 cents more expensive than last year

Comparisons with last year’s values ​​make the price jump even clearer: one liter of Super E10 cost about 62 cents more than March 2021, almost 83 cents (!) More per liter. diesel.

In March 2022, drivers paid an average of 496.73 euros for filling four 60-liter Super E10 tanks each. That was around EUR 76.56 over the previous month and almost EUR 148.39 over the same month last year. Same amount diesel cost around 514.58 euros in March 2022 (+113.57 euros compared to February; +199.75 euros compared to March 2021).

Cartel Office investigates the petrol industry

Meanwhile, the price of crude oil has dropped again, but not to the same extent as the drivers’ load at the time of filling. For this reason, the Federal Cartel Office wants to take a closer look at the mineral oil industry. “We will now launch an emergency industry investigation with a clear focus on the level of cleanup and wholesale sales. The aim is primarily to shed light on the reasons for the recent market developments and prices,” explained Andreas Mundt, chief executive officer.

The trick of filling the oil

add oil

Check fuel prices per minute

This is how gas prices are at gas stations in the area!

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Basically, the category office has “instruments for approving potential competition violations, if necessary,” a spokesman said in an interview with AUTO BILD. However, in this case there are still no initial suspicions of anti-trust behavior.

According to the Cartel Office, the gap between crude oil prices and diesel prices at fuel stations has increased from 40 cents per liter in February to around 90 cents in March. The first weekend of April was about 60 cents.

What is the price of gasoline and diesel for our neighbors

It is easier to fill in more neighboring Germany than Germany: when motorists in Germany on April 25, according to the ADAC report, paid an average of 1.95 euros per liter for Super E5 and 2.02 euros for diesel paid, oil was high (partially) only in the Netherlands, Greece, Denmark and Switzerland.

How the oil market grew in 2021

Current development is very high compared to 2020. At that time, oil and gas prices had dropped due to the Corona disaster. Since then, depreciation has tended to rise.

Pipe with super and diesel

Prices for gasoline and diesel are likely to remain high for now.

The 2020 annual balance sheet when refueling was very bad from the driver’s opinion: At the end of the year, the Super E10 cost 38 cents per liter over December 2020. diesel the increase was 42 cents. January was the cheapest month for both types of oil, while November was the most expensive month.

The cheapest city of tanks in 2021 was Bonn (Super E10: 1,5006 euros; diesel: 1.3627 euros). Drivers paid more for Wuppertal, less than 60 kilometers when the crow flew (Super E10: 1.5451 euros; Diesel: 1,4017 euros).

Why were gasoline and diesel already expensive in 2021?

How rising CO2 prices affect fuel prices
















The increased CO2 tax made 1.4 cents petrol and 1.5 cents diesel more expensive per liter on January 1, 2022. In turn, passenger allowance increased from 30 cents to 38 cents per kilometer, but only from 21 kilometers. income below the basic allowance they now also receive a mobility bonus of 4.9 cents / km from 21 km if travel expenses exceed the employee allowance.

How is the price of oil repaired?

A large part of oil prices are excise duties and duties. Energy or mineral tariffs contribute 65.5 cents per liter for high quality petrol and 47 cents for diesel. In theory, diesel should be around 19 cents cheaper. Because of price fluctuations in general and special cases such as the Ukraine war, however, things often look different in the realities of the fuel station.

Added to this is CO since the beginning of the year2-Price – 5 cents for Super E10 and 6 good cents diesel. The remaining portion is divided into crude oil prices and the costs of further processing, transportation, filling stations and profits of the mineral oil industry. And on top of that there is a 19 percent VAT.

Petrol and diesel lasting more than two euros?

Leaving aside temporary drivers such as Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the price of two euros of fuel is unlikely to last long. If the dollar exchange rate remained the same, oil prices would have to remain above $ 100. The Opec + oil producers’ association has little interest in rising prices.

In addition, this can make the extacking fracking method more attractive. And that puts pressure on prices again because supply is increasing. OPEC cannot be interested in that.

On the contrary, it can be assumed that prices will drop slightly again once the Russian oil strike is over. When will that not be seen due to the ongoing fighting in Ukraine.

Do we need to worry about hardware?

Concerns about distribution security oil in Germany you do not need to worry, according to ADAC oil market expert Jürgen Albrecht. He does not see any symptoms, he said recently. However, there are no comparable cases. The en2x organization also said that distribution in Germany was protected.

There is a reserve according to the legally prescribed reserve: 90 days for mineral oil as well as for the most valuable products. In addition, oil and gas products can also be sold by sea. However, this can lead to high transportation costs.

How can drivers save money when filling out?

A diagram with the peak of the morning hours shows the change in oil prices throughout the day.

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